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Issue 3

Cover Image: Trey Barkett.

Background Music: “Watch Me” by KMB” 


Attack of the Creatives: Trey Barkett. Snapchat Photography Pioneer

Attack of the Creatives: Meet Corey Favor, Co-Founder of CCF

How Social Media is Killing Artistry

Eight Minutes | Love & Relationships With @Courgasm

It’s Not Him. It’s You | Love & Relationships with @Courgasm

The FlyPaper Summer Mixtape


Recap: Braxton Miller’s NFL Draft Party


3 Major Life Lessons Learned From My Success on YouTube

Facebook Columns

5 Reasons The Cavs Can Win the Championship this Year – By John Gibson

7 Thoughts on #Lemonade | By John Gibson.

5 things I’d like to See the Browns Do in the Draft by John Gibson.


The #FlyPaperWCW: Liz Koehler| @tudey__ (Q&A)

The #FlyPaperWCW: The FlyPaper Woman’s Writing Staff

The #FlyPaperWCW: Keisha Soleil | @tudey__ (Q&A turned “food for the soul”)

The #FlyPaperWCW: Kara Young| @tudey__ (Q&A)

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