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#HoliBaeSZN: Time to get in The Game

Nintendo Switch & PlayStation Vue: The Console War Expands

Nancy Pelosi Didn’t Blow A 3-1 Lead

Best Of 2016 – Columbus Hip Hop

Trump’s America: OSU Student Called Nigger Leaving Class

Introducing Kashis Keyz (New Artist Spotlight)

Collision Course – OG Vern Show Review – It Was Lit Fam.

Columbus Organizers Say ‘Free The People!’ in the Wake of Police Violence

Politics As Usual: New Pennsylvania Bills Makes It Harder To Learn The Identity of Officers Involved in Citizen Shootings.

The Lamica Ariana Takeover

The Poland Photography Takeover

The Wyze Photo Takeover

To The Drummer’s Beat Podcast

Ep 74: ONS Volume 9 

Ep 75: ONS X – Sex Drugs Politics & Hip-Hop 

Ep 76: Yogi Split 

Ep 77: It’s Arguin’ Time 

Ep 78: Behind The Mic W/ Logik Freedom 

Ep 79: Swimming Pools 

Dabeeside Podcast

Music Videos:

(Effing) Jerk – Dominique Larue & J Rawls

King VADA – Money Fhone


The #FlyPaperWCW: The Godmother of Vegan Soul Food, Ruby White | @tudey__

The #FlyPaperWCW: @QJuice – “The Queen’s Reign”

The #FlyPaperWCW: LaTosha Matthews – So, La, Ti, so Dope | @tudey__

The #FlyPaperWCW: Qynshela Sanders – “The Qyn Era”| @tudey__

The #FlyPaperWCW: @HalleBird (bird is the word)

 The #FlyPaperWCW: Justice Harley. “What’s In A Name” 

The #FlyPaperWCW: Skyla Johnson – “Sweet success”

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