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You Gotta See This Movie

By the time you read this article, you probably have already heard about Hidden Figures. You have most likely heard of accolades of future awards and praises of the phenomenal cast and hopefully, if you had no intentions on seeing the movie, I hope hearing such things have pushed you to actually seen the movie. And by seen, I mean, actually go out and purchase a ticket in a movie theater (if you could) and not saw it on your bootleg Firestick or brought it from your local DVD bootlegger (even though I’m all about supporting local businesses). This was the movie for you to see!

Artwork by: Stella Blu @bystellablu | ByStellaBlu@gmail.com | society6.com/bystellablu

Issa Good Movie

So all around and by all means, this was an exceptional movie. You can trust me because I’ve taken a Film Studies course so I know a good movie. (Issa joke for my friends that didn’t catch that) But really though. The talent in the movie was phenomenal. Acting wise, Everyone from Janelle Monáe, to Octavia Spencer, to Kevin Costner or Kirsten Dunst to Jim Parson. These names alone let you know that it’s a top tier talent. The filmography is also top tier. Well done. The movie gave you a look. (Once again, trust me on this, cause I took a Film Studies course). If you seen the movie, or even just the previews, I don’t think I have to convince you about the quality of the movie. It’s just plain and simple a well-executed movie.

Not only is the movie itself well made, but the movie is clearly important for the culture. Everyone knows of John Glenn. He is known as an aviator, astronaut, senator, and American hero. He was the first American to circle the Earth. This is the kind of stuff that it important to your history books. What many didn’t know (including myself) were the people behind the scenes who made that first American orbit possible, which is what the movie centers around. To many of us, this was know surprise. We are so used to knowing that behind every “great American success story”, was likely an African American counterpart that made it happen. These African American women fought segregation, fought the stereotypes being black, fought the stereotypes of being a woman, and became such an influential part of the space program. We often talk about how much representation matters. If I would have saw this movie when I was younger, I would have given more thought to being an engineer. It’s important for people to see this.

Artwork by: Stella Blu @bystellablu | ByStellaBlu@gmail.com | society6.com/bystellablu

A Moment Of Appreciation for Queen Taraji P.

But everything I’ve said thus far you could probably guess. You knew it was a well done movie. You know it’s important to support movies with an African American leading cast. You know you should go see movie about African American culture. We as a community have been saying this, BUT what I will tell you is that you need to go see this movie specifically for Taraji P. Henson. *Warning: There’s going to be a lot of Taraji love coming in this article and any and all slander will not be acknowledged*

After watching Taraji’s performance in this movie, all I wanted to do was to scream to Hollywood and tell them “GET YOU A LEAD WHO CAN DO BOTH”. At this point in my life I’m not actually sure there’s Taraji can’t do. She plays Katherine Goble Johnson in Hidden Figures, and Cookie Lyon on Empire. She played Lauren in Think Like A Man and Shug in Hustle and Flow. April in I Can Do Bad All By Myself and Yvette in Baby Boy. THE RANGE IN THIS CATALOG! Professionally, I don’t think Taraji has a limit. She can play any role in front of her in a way that I would argue others can not.

Artwork by: Stella Blu @bystellablu | ByStellaBlu@gmail.com | society6.com/bystellablu

Believe In Black Girl Magic

Off the screen, I believe Taraji reminds us what it means to have Black Girl Magic. She can turn up with the best of them. She can be free. She can be professional and she can be all three wrapped up in one. If there is someone up there looking out for all the Black girl magic queens, please shield Tarji in all the essential oils an light. Cause THAT is a WOMAN! So let’s appreciate that we live in a time period where we have Tarji. She can do it all and do it WELL. Now I’m not saying that there are not others out there doing impeccable work.

Clearly we have greats like Viola Davis, Kerri Washington, Angela Bassett, Cicely Tison (raises hand emoji), Jurnee Smollett-Bell just to name a few. Honestly, there is just so many more than that. It’s a lit time to experience so much talent from African American women KILLING it! But I will argue, what Taraji adds to the culture very few others can. I think she opens the door for others to be their authentic selves in Hollywood, in the workplace, in Atlanta, in Springfield and to be love, accepted, and appreciated for such. My love for Taraji has truly grown after seeing her in this role.

So admittedly, this is a Tariji P. Henson appreciation article, sprinkled with a little Hidden Figures Review. Because I think in 2017, we need hope. We need Tarji. We need someone who is so unapologetically herself, whose talent is undeniable, and whose light just exudes, touching all near and far. So if you haven’t already, go see Hidden Figures and please don’t wait till it gets on Netflix. I’d argue it’s worth the overpriced ticket. Phenomenal cast. (Janelle gave a performance that I can’t accurately put into words. True artist.) Phenomenal filmography. Phenomenal Taraji. So go see Hidden Figures, and love on Taraji.


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