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This year we decided to steer away from the cliché “New Years’ Resolutions” theme and let’s be serious; Do you really get a “reset” on January 1? People say they’re going to change their lives when in reality end up doing the same thing they did before by February 1st. Triggered. I will say though, it does seem as though many people had a rough 2017 whether it was emotionally draining or lacking in the financial sector but all in all, it looks like many people are ready to take the world by storm.

Everyone got to witness the presidents’ shady shenanigans on Twitter and also the national awareness of sexual assaults have many people up and arms. On a local level, the city quietly dealt with the death of a fallen community figure last year and many communities continue to be pushed out due to gentrification. In the year ahead, I encourage everyone to challenge him or herself. I encourage everyone to push limits and dedicate himself or herself to loving him or herself better in whatever way that may be. Be vulnerable in your spiritual journey and allow yourself to see the life you know you deserve.

As a creative, we often get stuck in a tug-of-war game between doing what we have to do versus doing what we want to do. In those instances, I challenge each person to affirm their purpose and be steadfast in pursuit of your dreams. Columbus is full of great talent but many people have stagnant mindsets and it’s about time we start being honest about it. Let’s do away with the microwave, instant-gratification wants and really do the work and strive for purposeful longevity. Life really is too short as I celebrated my 27th birthday on December 29th, one day later Eric Garner’s daughter, Erica Garner passed away at the age of 27. Erica was an activist for social justice especially after her father was chocked and murdered by police officers on camera hollering, “I can’t breathe!” and then mocked by the NYPD.

Write your goals down on paper, give yourself time and space to heal your wounds whether they are emotional or mental, step back, be honest with the person in the mirror and be patient with yourself. Communication is key until it’s time to open the door and you refuse to go in and you spend too much time wishing you had said something that you didn’t have the courage to say. Again; triggered. Shoot your shot as the young kids say because FlyPaper Magazine will continue to encourage unapologetic expression and support and highlight local, original, and fresh talent, creatives and businesses alike that have charisma for their love of Columbus, Ohio. Unity has to start in the community and we wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of the city. The year of manifestation is upon us. If you can run, you can fly. Be great.

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