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The people of Columbus have been inquiring about different things to do in the city and on March 31st their questions and prayers have been answered. Klassic Man – The Party Experience is coming to Columbus Ohio and I, for one, am excited. A lot of people aren’t aware that Columbus is ranked third in the worlds leading cities for fashion – behind New York and Los Angeles respectively. So I’m not surprised that more and more fashion related events are being offered on the vast platter that is Columbus Night Life.

Per the event description:

“KLASSIC MAN” – The Party Experience – answers the proverbial question asked by beautiful ladies the world over – “Where are all the smart, interesting, well-dressed chivalrous men with manners, charm, and a splash of bad boy irreverence?” The answer? Klassic Man X marks the spot. (Get Your Tickets Here)

What To Wear To An Event Like This

The event promises to bring a different vibe and a different feel and because of that, we can’t just pull any old thing out of the closet. This is a black tie affair (not to be confused with All Black). So if you’re asking yourself what to wear to an event such as this? I’m here to help.

1. Now Is Time To Bring The Outfit You Been Saving

Everything you’ve been holding hostage in your closet that you felt you didn’t want to waste in Columbus. You know, that floor length sequin gown you found for a really nice price knowing you had no where to wear it to? Yeah, that one. Or fellas? That floral dress shirt you’ve been waiting to pack for your next trip to Chicago? Pull that out. It’s time.

2. Pull Out Your Sunday’s Best And Get It Tailored

A tailored suit. Let me be clear. It’s a requirement for an occasion such as this. The party wasn’t named Klassic Man for kicks and giggles. Pull out your Sunday best – (Unless you’re Jaheim) – and come ready to impress the masses.

The event is in March however the weather is unpredictable so it’s okay to step out of the box in terms of color. It’s 2017, you’re no longer confined to blues, blacks, and greys.Yes, I know these are the classics and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to them, but it is absolutely okay to step outside of the box.

Don’t be afraid to play with your color palette. Opt for a burgundy or even a print. Yes, this is a thing now. Mix it up a bit with your dress shirt, order a lapel pin front etsy, purchase the skinniest tie you can find. Do whatever your heart desires, just make your look your own.

3. Black Tie Events Means Cocktail Dresses For Ladies

Ladies, a black tie event for us is a little different from men. They have more restriction as black tie often requires a tuxedo. We have room to play around. We can go with full length gown or even go for a cocktail dress, but watch your hemline and be careful about cut outs.

This would be the time to pull out that dress your best friend made you wear when you stood beside her to take her vows or the dress you bought for the gala that your company threw last February. Big, bold colors that make you stand out in a room are always a win.

Or you can go for a more regal, toned down, simplistic feel. Whatever it is you do, make sure you feel confident when you step out. Because confidence is the best thing a woman could ever wear.

Visit Klassicman.net for tickets.

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