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This past October, Apple finally released an upgrade to their MacBook series at their Keynote. Although the new laptop featured new additions such as the Touch Bar and the TouchID sensor, the device received mostly lackluster reviews across the board. Most in the tech community have viewed at new series as a downgrade to the 2015 models.  Apple has removed core hardware, such as the Thunderbolt ports and the MagSafe Charging port; replacing the Thunderbolt ports with the new USB-C. Although the new Macbook includes a smaller frame, louder speakers, and a better battery, the decision to use 2015’s 6th Gen Skylake processors has made Apple’s core community disgruntled with the new changes.

However there has been speculation of another Macbook lineup releasing Q4 of 2017 which would feature new Skylake processors and an upgrade in memory. Ming-Chi Kuo, who leaked the news of the iPhone SE and the features on the iPhone 6S and 7, has given some insight to what the ‘surprise’ Macbooks would look like. For the 12-inch Macbook Pro, he believes that they would be fitted for Kaby Lake technology which would be accompanied with 16GBs of RAM. The most exciting leak is the news of the 15-inch Macbook Pros, where Kuo states the device would have an unprecedented 32GB of RAM. Adding this amount of RAM to the AMD Radeon Pro graphics card currently in the Macbook series would be an enormous upgrade to the lineup.

To support the theory of an upcoming upgrade, there were some interesting findings after the release of the macOS beta. Developers found some interesting hidden gems, which would show that Apple is preparing for Kaby Lake architecture and a possible upgrade to macOS as well.

Outside of the hardware upgrades, there are also speculations that MacBooks would be be on a yearly release system like the other devices that Apple develops. Although that would be a massive shift to the current random release cycles of the Mac Pro and Macbook Pro, that would come to the delight to techies everywhere.

For the beloved iPhones, there has been rumors circulating about a change in the display and the port. Rather than sticking to the traditional Thunderbolt port, Apple is supposedly looking at transitioning to the USB-C, like its Macbook. Thus, for the first time, iPhones would no longer use an Apple-patented charger. For consumers, that means that there would be no limitations on buying official chargers only from Apple retailers as USB-C ports are used across a multitude of devices. If true, that would not be the only major shift to non-Apple technology. Also circulating is that the next iPhone to use an OLED display which could potentially be curved. Like the Galaxy 8 and the Pixel, the OLED would be the technology behind the screen, which would give better resolution and color contrast, with less battery usage.

With all of these major rumors circulating, it’s interesting to see where Apple is planning on taking their devices. Hopefully, this time around it satisfies everyday consumers and techies alike.

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