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Rapper Nes Wordz was born in Toledo, Ohio but has called Columbus his home all of his life

Rapper Nes Wordz was born in Toledo, Ohio but has called Columbus his home all of his life

Writin’ Rhymes Since I Was 5″

 As children, we were all asked the million-dollar question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” While someone may have said “A doctor” or “An astronaut”, there was always that one child that thought outside the box. To some, saying “I want to be a rapper when I grow up” may come off as a joke or maybe too ambitious but to Nes Wordz, being a rapper was a calling.

Born in Toledo, but spending his young adult life east side Columbus living, Sheron ‘Nes Wordz’ Colbert was always in the center of a rap battle. It’s clear that it wasn’t in vain because his dreams have merely lead him to becoming a prominent rap figure in the Columbus Hip-Hop community and within the last two years he has solidified his place in the culture. “Music is always evolving and I’m focused on being more precise with my words and content while also making it a point to have fun.” Nes said in an interview.

“Lyricist, Tall, Dark, Long, Black, Licorice”

This week marks the two-year anniversary of “Since 85” in which Nes Wordz released as a “rebirth” EP taking us back to his Origins but also giving us a look at his life in that moment. “I just wanted to be in a position to get better and become that artist where the engineer doesn’t have to question what I’m about to do.” he said. Partnering with long-time friend and producer Tha Audio Unit, (credits: Jeremih, Cheri Dennis, Fabolous) “Since 85” takes us into the Diary of a Scatterbrain through smooth but thumping beats while reminding us to Make A Toast to our accomplishments. “It’s a true art form to be able to arrange. [Producers] have the ability to create the mood. AU was genius enough to create the mood I needed and we thugged it out.” Nes said. “I like jazz samples to trap drums. It’s eccentric and uncommon but as far as a collective sound, I’ve always driven the vision that I wanted.”


The Back In My Bag rapper then decided to start a series in which he released a new record every Monday of the year titling it “52”. “I just wanted to put out more records and I wanted to put out a record every Monday starting January 1, 2014.” “I wanted people to know that was my life and to say hey he’s worth listening to.” However, halfway though the year Nes began building a relationship with Magna Media Group (formerly known as ExecGang) producer and artist, SupaNatra (credits: French Montana, Safaree Samuels, Willie The Kid) that lead to the birth of “Stupid Genius”.

Nes Wordz studio album Stupid Genius May 26, 2015

Nes Wordz studio album Stupid Genius May 26, 2015

On May 26, 2015, Nes Wordz dropped “Stupid Genius” which gave us at a more polished sound into his progress as an artist while also highlighting man’s ability to be “walking contradictions”. “I try my best to project things out of my head the exact way I see it that way I don’t feel held back. Stupid Genius had been thought of for a while and I like to say that we are all the smartest dumb people we know.” Nes stated. With more soulful singing and a mix between speaker-bumping trap songs and laid-back melodies “Stupid Genius” lets us have fun on Get It Gone while taking us on a conscious trip into ‘the mind of the Black man” on Sleepwell. “I appreciate everything I’ve done because it shows the journey of how far I’ve come as a person and as an artist.”

With triumph and progress comes struggle and although he is respected, not everyone appreciates raw talent. The “Same Clothes” crooner whose song “Holy Ghost” was featured on Power 107.5’s “Street Heat” and delivers a live performance each show, Nes Wordz stated his opinion on not being nominated for any Ohio Hip-Hop Awards, the first time in many years. “There are a lot of good people that get overlooked but if you want to give somebody an award, you gotta keep your ears to the streets. ” The music is too safe and I’m not safe. I’m not here to be predictable; I’m here to set boundaries and do business.”

Nes Wordz

“I’m too hot for soup, but I’m too hot with Soop”

Many artists pride themselves on improving and perfecting their craft. The progress from Since 85 to 52 and Stupid Genius is evident and even though the seasons change, Nes doesn’t waste time losing focus on growing but also staying himself. “I want to promote more than anything that if you believe in something and you work hard for it, you can do it.” Although he makes it a point to never stray too far from the music we can expect new music soon but he wants to put more focus into his videography. Be sure to check out Stupid Genius on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

“Don’t be afraid to use your heart to make decisions sometimes; don’t be ashamed to tell your story right or wrong.”-Nes Wordz
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