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Whether you’re offended or not about Dove’s recent ad, I think we can agree that the controversial topic brings one tried-and-true topic 360 for black Americans: the power of black dollars. All through my news feed, people are complaining and questioning the diversity of Dove and Unilever’s marketing team.

“Do they have any black women at the table?” “Did they think this out?”

Let’s Put Our Energy Where It Matters (Spoiler Alert, It Aint a Boycott)

While we could debate the intent of the ad until we’re blue in the face, the underlying issue lies with where we as black Americans spend our dollars.  When it comes to spending my hard earned coins on goods and services, I am less concerned with who’s allowed a seat at the table than I am with who’s at the head of it. You don’t have to boycott big brands, hoping that they’ll make a good-enough apology to appease and appeal to you as a consumer. You could simply buy black.

Why cross your fingers, hoping that big brands hire a “head of diversity and inclusion” to ensure their advertising is politically correct when you could patron brands that represent your interests and think of you with every product they sell.

Why politicize soap? Because there’s a history of soap being marketed to be so strong and pure it could even wash the black off.  The reality is that for black Americans, everything is a big deal. That includes the influence our dollars have on the economy.

Regardless of where you stand, you can check out five of my fav black-owned, small business soap brands below:

  1. Sarenzo Beauty – Purchase their creamy body oils to benefit victims affected by Storm Harvey in Houston.
  2. Naturally Me – Join their email list to take 15% off your first order!
  3. Petals Bath Boutique – With flat rate shipping, stock up on an assortment of handmade, natural soaps from as low as $3.85.
  4. Tender Organics – Where science meets creativity, enjoy a free bar of soap with order over $45!
  5. Reciprocitee – $3.99 shipping. All day, every day! Check out their body and lip scrubs.
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