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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably never heard of SHDW. I’ve been following this Baltimore native for over a year now and he’s earned himself an instant click whenever I see he’s dropped new music. He works well with his producer DrummaQueen, who does alot of his work and is NICE with the melodies, but the thing I appreciate the most about SHDW is his writing. It’s so layered and you can tell that he spends alot of time with his words.

Late last night, he released a freestyle on his SoundCloud page over The Weeknd’s “Tell Your Friends.” The production on the song is already phenomenal but SHDW gets busy in between the keys as he revisits a low place in his life and reflects on coping with a relationship gone astray. Listen to the track below.

Click here to visit SHDW’s SoundCloud page

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