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Tonight, Native Tongues keeps things going with musical artist, Tobilla as the feature and musical artist, NyQuinn as the spotlight. The event will be held at The Pelican Room and will begin at 7:30 pm for open mic sign-up while the show will start at 7:45 pm. Native Tongues continues to be an avid supporter of showcasing the talent of Columbus through poetry, spoken word, and music.

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Tobilla conducts his craft on being the “voice of the voiceless” while expressing his own transparency through his music. As the sole “musically inclined” person in his family, the 21-year-old began his love for music as a drummer and a producer, then branching off to writing and performing his own songs. “I take my own experiences and put it out there and if it’s for you then it’s for you”, Tobilla said recently in an interview. With his next album on the horizon titled “Currently Loading, BRB”, Tobilla wants people to focus on the bigger picture. “People get wrapped up things that they can’t control but everything comes full circle; storms go away but you have to keep going”, he said.

“I want to leave an experience.”-Tobilla 

While Tobilla stated that much of his album will include topics such as depression, failed relationships, and mental health, NyQuinn also uses her music to tackle these objectives. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio as well, the 25-year-old wanted to sing since she was a child but a lack of support and confidence kept her chained. “I sang at a talent show when I was seven and my mom laughed at me so I wrote songs and sang them to myself; it took a long time for me to sing in public”, NyQuinn admitted.

Having performed at the PRIDE Festival for the first time and recently dropping her project “Little Miss Imperfect”, NyQuinn stated that Mary J. Blige was one of her biggest influences. “I didn’t know why I gravitated towards her as a child but when I became an adult I understood because she struggled with mental health”, she said. As anxiety plagues her life, NyQuinn wants people to know that although she too struggles with mental health, perseverance is key. “It takes a lot for me to keep going and if anyone struggles with mental health, I want to be the person that shows them that they can keep going”, NyQuinn said.



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