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Whether you believe in the “Big Bang Theory” or evolution, it’s evident that the planet that humans call home is “One Strange Rock”. National Geographic will be premiering a 10-part-series on our extraordinary Earth on why and how life exists. Hosted by Will Smith, the documentary shows true commentary from astronauts including the first Black woman in space, Mae Jemison. Executive produced by Darren Aronofsky and producer, Jane Root, the documentary was filmed across 45 countries and six continents, and some scenes show real footage from outer space. Beginning in the salty sands of the desert and ending in the ocean with microscopic organisms, the Earth truly does operate as one machine.

Back in March, the Center of Science and Industry (also known simply as COSI), hosted an advanced screening of “One Strange Rock”. Located in the large National Geographic Theater, the ticket came with complimentary popcorn and a beverage ending with a Q&A from one of the producers. Viewers were able to take-home packaged samples of astronaut ice cream, a pack of candy pop rocks and a small four-pack of do-it-yourself potted plants. The film offered a personal perspective from the astronauts having used their personal videos and photographs from their own space excursions. As Will Smith is shown in the film as a narrator, he brings his natural fresh personality to the film. The cinematography gives a first-point of view visual that allows the viewer to be fully engaged. The 10-part series will began airing on National Geographic on Monday, March 26, 2018.



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