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The Votes Heard Around The World

As a few of my colleagues and I gathered the morning after Donald Trump won the Presidential Election, there was an awkward silence, partnered with nonverbal expressions that conveyed more emotion than any words ever could. The feeling of disappointment and confusion circulated through the air. We saw pain and disbelief in each other’s eyes.

The ice was finally broken with a question, “How did this happen?” At that moment we were humbled by the fact that the same man that has instigated racial tensions, degraded women, dehumanized Muslims, vilified Mexicans, and spoke cynically about African Americans, was now going to be the next POTUS.

I went back to my office to check my social media outlets. When I opened my Twitter app, the very first tweet I saw read, “As blacks, we are doomed”. In that moment, a timeline of mistreatment and hatred raced through my head. From the invasion of Ancient Kemet, the transatlantic slave trade, the lynching era, and the Jim Crow era. I thought about the Prison Leasing System, the Civil Rights Movement, the deposit of drugs in our communities, the many instances of police brutality against blacks, and now, this presidential election. Ironically in that moment, a sense of ease came about.

“Why am I no longer angry?” I asked myself. “Why am I not afraid?”

My epiphany came in the form of a question: What the hell should I be afraid of?

A New Hope – A Reminder of The Enduring Black American Spirit

We are not doomed as blacks. If anything, this will add to the strength that we have developed over the years of dealing with the same disappointments, mistreatments, and injustices. We are facing yet another era not similar to, but in conjunction with what we have already faced many times, and in every instance, we have persevered and came out stronger.

What does it really mean to be black in Trump’s America? We’re all hearing the news reports regarding the changes that Trump is already making. I could dive into those changes but today I’ll refrain from doing so. Why? Because no matter what changes Trump implements, the bottom line is that whether it is or is not a conscious effort to distort the progression of blacks in this country, it simply will not work.

As I previously mentioned, we are a preserving people and have become so accustomed to persevering through the darkest of times, that now we make it look effortless. Blacks have achieved far beyond the concomitant systems set in place that endorses our complacency in America.

Real Facts, No Alternatives

Let’s throw a few facts out there.

  • Black women are the fastest growing demographic for obtaining Masters and Doctorate level post-secondary educational degrees.
  • Along with that, black women are also the fast growing demographic of business owners in America period.
  • Opposed to the stereotypical stigma that black men are more likely to go to prison instead of college, there are 59% more black men enrolled in post-secondary educational programs than jails or prisons.
  • 9 out of 10 black people do not participate in the use of illegal drugs.
  • There are more black ran organizations catered to the support and development of individuals and communities, both personally and professionally, than ever before.
  • Blacks are landing gainful employment opportunities, and exceeding expectations far beyond what most people ever imagined.
  • HBCU’s have become a direct target for professional recruitment and talent acquisition.

Socially, black culture continues to be the taste maker for many industries. From fashion to advertisement to music and many more areas of art and creativity; social trends that originate from black culture continues to lead the nation. Black Creative Directors are becoming more and more desired in business. Dances such as the Harlem Shake, Dabbing, and JuJu on the Beat created massive waves of video uploads and marketing tools. Many groups, teams, organizations, and businesses created their own Mannequin Challenge to promote comradeship and teamwork.These things may seem minute, but the larger scale of black influence in America is what has and still does drive this country to social greatness.

Black Excellence Abides In Trump’s America

So again I ask, What does it mean to be black in Trump’s America? It means that the constant pursuit of black excellence absolutely will not stop. It means that we will continue to rise above every stereotype placed upon us. It means that we will furthermore educate ourselves about who we are, where we come from, and where we’re headed. It means that the black man and black woman will derail the Willie Lynch teachings and support each other in all aspects of life.

It means that one’s identity of being black will strike a sense of pride and joy that no politician or policy could ever dismantle. It means that you are the most interesting person in this world. It means that the duty to educate all youth must be a responsibility taken just as serious as educating your own kin. It means getting active in participating ACTIVELY in the political process.

Lastly, it means that you are amongst a population that will continue to make historical leaps and rewrite history in a fashion that is so undeniable that no one will ever be able to say “black lives don’t matter”, and truly believe it. Period.

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