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“Write the plan and make it plain”, they say. It takes some people more time than others to “figure out” what their lane in life is and while we talk about our dreams and we dream about success (whatever that may mean to the individual), some times an unexpected opportunity can send us soaring through the stars.

Photo Cred Alan Nimbette

DJ iB-Rease knows a thing or two about unexpected opportunities turning into major lifestyle changes. A University of Akron alum and DmdMine Creative Agency rep, Brandon Rease got his chance from none other than a college party. “I was always the ‘iPod guy’ and [Terrance J] was always throwing parties around campus and he asked me to dj a party”, he said in an interview. Majoring in Electrical Engineering and then throwing his first party that hit capacity, Rease realized he could take djing more serious. “I was thinking I was going to get a regular job but I thought ‘oh shit, maybe I could go further’ so I got the equipment and it became bigger.”

A native of Cleveland, OH, it wasn’t quick getting acquainted to Columbus. “I was working contract engineering jobs and djing had died down, but [Marlon Anthony] brought me in on a couple of parties and I picked back up”, he said.

Describing himself as possesing an “electronic-soul food” vibe, DJ iB-Rease understands the true purpose of the dj. “Even though Columbus parties are different from Cleveland and there was definitely a disconnect at first”, my style is diverse as I don’t just cater to a hip-hop crowd. [Depending on the event] I feed off the crowd and Ill even play something that’s not as big but you’re still going to dance. As a DJ its our job to get you on new stuff”, Rease stated.

Photo Cred Alan Nimbette

Chappelle, Drake, Lebron.

While his buzz around the city continues to grow, playing parties such as XL, Rease has gotten recognition from some big names in the biz.

“[We] planned an after party for Drake and Dave Chappelle was there and kept coming up to me and saying ‘You’re great, you’re playing great music.’ I figured I must be good if he took the time to tell me that”, he laughed.

This then lead to him djing the Nike LeBron Shoe Release Party and FEST.

Aside from performing at  parties, Rease knows the importance of building a brand that’s authentic to you. “The main goal is to build the brand and make it bigger; stay current with the culture. I have a mix every Monday on Music Matters Monday. I always wanted to work with Dash Radio in LA and they reached out to me.” he said.

With plans to do more traveling and maybe one day building with an artist to be an official dj, Rease explained that dedication, a level head and networking is key to any success.

“You have to think before you act and not fold under pressure. Nothing happened over night while people think it’s all fun and games but I’m like the old school guy, you have to put the work in; you have to build connections and you have to trust the process and care about the music”, he said.

While some things are prepared on a rigid plan, simply being at the right place at the right time can open numerous doors. #ibreaseplease

Soundcloud: iB-Rease

Website: ibrease.com


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