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In the span of 19 days two separate terrorist attacks has stricken the hearts of millions across the world. The ISIS fueled terrorist attack in Paris, France and terror event in San Bernardino, California combined, killed 144 people and injured 389 more. This has generated a wide array of emotions across the world especially here within the United States. Anger, sympathy, discomfort, sorrow, confusion, trauma and yes even hate. Open discriminatory hate to those of the Muslim religion. It is no secret that those who openly spoke about their discriminatory “solutions” are those who want to earn our trust as our country’s and/or state leaders. Some of whom already occupy a public service office that represents the voice of many constituents, and no matter which side of the aisle you’re on, I hope you can agree that some of the voices are overly broadcasted and echoed by those who only align with party ties.

The terror attack in San Bernardino orchestrated by Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashafeen Malik has yet again forced America to talk about the issue of gun control laws and an even more familiar problem, terrorism. It is no secret that some Muslim extremist ideas has spread throughout the years and has indeed been the controlling factor behind some terrorist attacks,  which has painted a bad picture of Islam for many across the nation. As a result, this has put many Muslim Americans under extreme scrutiny here in the United States. It is obvious that there is a pressing need that we, the American people, together as one nation have to address this issue. Who better to address the nation than the President of the United States?


Last night President Barack Obama addressed the nation for the third time in his presidency from the oval office.  When the President of the United States addresses the nation from the oval office it always viewed as a noteworthy event, simply because it is evident that there is a national problem.  Special broadcast live from the oval office is only reserved for occasions with a sense of high importance. President Richard Nixon announced his resignation from the oval office, President Kennedy presented news of the Cuban Missile Crisis and President George W. Bush addressed the nation the night of 9/11 right from their desks in the oval office located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. During this address to the nation, President Obama reassured to the American people that ISIL is indeed an enemy of the United States and that we are committed to defeating ISIL and any organizations of its associate. The President revealed his strategy on how he, along with the support and development of military commanders and counterterrorism experts as well as “65 countries that have joined an American led coalition” plan to defeat ISIL. Within his strategy he mentioned to the American people that there are terrorist targets that has been identified and can be taken out with air strikes along with special and local forces, that prevents the engagement of a ground war which in result would prohibit another generation of soldiers going to war.

There was a point in his speech where you can tell that President Obama was on to something because he mentioned that many Americans are beginning to live in fear and view terrorism as “ a cancer with no immediate cure” due to the frequencies of mass shootings here in the United States and the constant threat that ISIL proposes.  For a moment there President Obama not only reassured to the American people in the security of his plan to fight ISIL, but he also showed a strong sense of confidence by stating “they (ISIL) can’t defeat us on the battle field.” This is what you want from your leader, this is what you want to hear from your President! Just when I thought President Obama had reached the peak of his speech because of his distinct sureness in his plan, the President dropped Flex bombs on the track. In other words or in translation from popular hip hop terminology that means he had some fire that people needed to hear.

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President Obama started off the last four minutes of his speech by saying,

We cannot turn against one another by letting this fight be defined as a war between America and Islam; ISIL does not speak for Islam, they’re thugs and killers part of a cult of death and they account for a tiny fraction of more than a billion Muslims from around the world, including millions of patriotic Muslim Americans who reject their hateful ideology.”

The sooner that people will understand that a few bad apples do not ruin the entire the bunch the better off humanity will be.  For some odd reason we are obsessed with this reoccurring theme of defining a racial group, social class of people, even sub groups such as athletes or glee club members,  by the ones who seems to align themselves completely against from what the overwhelming majority that better represents that group, stands for. President Obama didn’t just stick up for the Muslim Community he also challenged them to stand up with us to reject the ideology that Al-Qaeda and ISIL promotes. He also challenged members of Congress to a number of interesting ideas, one of which is to have a vote to authorize continued use of military force against ISIL targets but most importantly President Barack Obama reminded both you and I that “it is the responsibility of ALL Americans to reject discrimination.”


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