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The sounds of Columbus, 2017.

Greg Owens – Eclectic Soul

TrigNO & Sean Starks – Rawest4m

Sarob – Seeing In The Dark

Rarri – 2outh2id3 2 Worldwid3

Khary & Lege Kale – TIDAL Graves

Nyquinn – Little Missunderstood

Kent & Big James – FRVRGOLD

Zac Fresh – Trap John Legend

Kent – FRVR Focused

OG Vern – Summers Over

Vada – Twenties Go For Nix 

Je Vaughnte’ – That Six One Four-Twenty

Bobby Biz – $$ Tape Vol 1

Trippie Redd – A Love Letter To You

Dirty Quan Geno – November Reign

Sam Rothstein – s a d l o s a n g e l e s EP

Miir – Reminiscent Vibes

Matthew Vaughn – In The Key Of Spring

Nes Wordz – #weGOOD

Devin XO – Coming Of Age

Ron Phoenix – B4 W.A.D.R

Bizz – This 2 Shall Pass

Trek Manifest – Summr Sventeen

Alexander Dreamer – A Place For Me 

Trek Manifest – Spring Svnteen

Darrio Lamont – Ultra

Bree The Rapper –  Game Over



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