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Several profane images and slurs have been graffitied throughout New Albany High School’s tennis courts and shed. Discriminatory words such as ‘Fuck Niggers’, ‘Kill the Gays’, images of swastikas and the word ‘Trump’ are believed to have been illegally painted over the weekend after the school’s prom. A student who wishes to remain anonymous out of concern for her safety believes it was an attack against two prom court nominees, one of which was a black female and the other a homosexual male.

“I don’t feel safe anymore” the student said. “This is not out of coincidence. A black girl and a gay guy were both on stage at prom and all of a sudden this appears on campus at the beginning of Peace Week”. Peace Week is the school’s annual week long celebration in which diversity and social equality are honored with student ran festivities including musical performances as well as various art exhibitions.

The anonymous student said this isn’t the first time she has witnessed racially discriminatory language at New Albany High School.

“I’ve seen ‘KKK’ written in the bathroom stalls and even heard a student refer to the black students as ‘pussy ass niggers’ “.

In spite of the graffiti the student says the school’s administration has taken little to no disciplinary action.
”All they do is send a district wide email when someone or something is problematic. It’s as if they’re putting up pretty wallpaper to distract people from a dark hole”. When asked for comment the following statement issued by the school’s principal Dwight Carter was received. The statement was also emailed to the families and staff of New Albany High School.

The school’s principal Dwight Carter has issued the following statement to families and staff of New Albany High School.

Dear New Albany High School Students and Families, It is with sadness that I share with you that this morning an act of vandalism was discovered on our tennis courts.  Graffiti that is derogatory, insensitive, racially motivated, and hateful was painted on three tennis courts and the tennis equipment shed overnight.

The school district is actively cooperating in the investigation with the New Albany Police Department and working to repair the damages.  Any person(s) found responsible will face disciplinary actions in accordance with Board of Education Policy and the law.  We encourage anyone with information related to this act of vandalism to contact a district administrator or the New Albany Police Department.

This type of behavior will not be tolerated on our school campus and goes against everything we believe as a learning community.  We can and will rise above the hate that this vandalism represents to create the positive conditions for all students to have a sense of belonging.  Thank you in advance for choosing to help all of us create such a culture at New Albany High School.

Dwight Carter

High School Principal

The vandalisers have yet to be taken into custody and the school is currently in the process of removing the graffiti from the tennis courts and shed.

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