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As we begin a new solar cycle of the Gregorian Calendar called 2017, we must first handle some old business.  Does life suck if you are single? Is life great because you are in a relationship? If you are in a situationship, what does that mean?  I will breakdown relationship statuses in 2017 and what they mean in the form of “deez nuts”:

Nut One: “I am Single”

Nutritional Fact: No explicit attachments or commitments = Time Availability and Flexibility

There is nothing “wrong” with being single. In many cases, I would say it is both necessary and appropriate. I’m not sure where, when, and why being single became viewed as having some sort of social STD? Lying may be a social STD. Cheating may be a social STD. Being single is not a part of this trifecta.

At the same time I would not say being single makes you “better” than someone else that may not share the same status. There is no relationship status that makes someone better than the next person. Being better is a byproduct of what is produced and the entire picture (not just a single strength or undesirable fact).

The strength of this designation lies in its time availability and flexibility. I advise both “he and her” to take advantage of this asset- purposefully and intentionally. It is a beautiful potential power that may not last forever. Do not [at least not completely] waste your time, resources or complicate your life for years to come based on decisions and actions taken during this relationship status.

Nut Two: “I am in a relationship”

Nutritional Fact: Companionship and Comraderie = Great Teamwork

Loneliness can lead to depression. This status can cure such a reality! NOTWITHSTANDING, being in a relationship does not mean the union is positive, productive, progressive, or powerful just that it may involve p—- … you get what I mean.

Relationships can be really awesome: like the birth of a newborn child or the detonation of an atomic bomb?! I am fortunate enough to say that I have been in awesome relationships. I am currently in a stupendous relationship. My past experiences combined with maturity played a major role in me being a better person in my current relationship. So even if you have “lost” previously, the experience can set you up for a win later (if you don’t wear the loss as an ugly scare).

Aside from a magnificent camaraderie, I contend that many people overlook the WORK that is required in maintaining relationships. They can require monthly, weekly, or even daily oil changes or tuneups depending on the make and model of the relationship. It’s worth it… if you work it, yet being “perfect” doesn’t guarantee it will work.

Nut Three: “I have a situation”

Nutritional Fact: Optimism

Alas, the situationship. Every relationship does not have a title. Relationships do not need titles; sometimes it just “is what it is.”

Personally, I’m sensitive to this approach because I once held it with utter sincerity. Inasmuch, I offer an idea to ponder as you digest this nutritious, calcium and protein-packed nut:

A street does not “need” a speed limit sign. It does not need traffic lights.  Question: How comfortable would you be driving in a city with 500K people that didn’t have any stop signs or speed limit signs?

I love the optimism of the situationship. True, every relationship status does not fit neatly into a prescribed box. Do yourself a favor and make sure you are not playing yourself. Something that is bad could get better, could remain the same, or get worse. The same applies to something that is good.

In conclusion, I bid that you have an awesome 2017 filled with the most joyous relationship status ever. Moreso, what are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments are and do remember… DEEZ NUTS!


Searius A.

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