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Update: An earlier version of this review was published without properly crediting Stretch in the headline. It has been corrected.

A year after releasing ‘Thank God I’m Young’; Kid Crave has discovered his growth. As his debut mixtape was an ode to newfound fame in the face of betrayal and lonelipness, Leftseyed presents Crave’s increasing maturity as a rapper.

Leftseyed features production by Stretch of Pza Prty and partners-in-rhyme Correy Parks, Tobilla and Yogi Split. The opening song ‘Voodoo’, which includes a standout appearance by WarChief Avalon, whose menacing verse adds to the spellbinding production, sets the tone for Crave’s follow-up. The ominous collaboration between Kid Crave and Stretch is almost a nod towards the dynamic debut of MF Doom and Madlib’s 2004 effort Madvillainy.

Albeit monotone on tracks such as ‘BodyHeat I’ and ‘II’ and ‘ Crave’s strengthened vocals appear on ‘Perception’ and ‘KshKisses’ featuring Tobilla which samples ‘On & On’ by Erykah Badu. His wordplay along with Stretch’s production skills are solid throughout the Leftseyed, with standout cuts including ‘…and Fly’, the Western-tinged ‘AWAKE’ along with ‘StrongSeyed’ in which he continues his theme of paranoia and uncertainty (“something isn’t right, so I’m looking to the left.”)

As Kid Crave continues to venture through his thoughts on interludes throughout Leftseyed it becomes more apparent that his zeroed in on his craft. Kid Crave and Stretch’s latest project not only has replay value, but also allows listeners to look forward to their continuous refinement.

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#AsHeardBy Jaelani: "LeftSeyed" - Kid Crave & Stretch
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