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What the Waffle is a new diner that sells breakfast. It is located at 1117 Oak St. It is the newest addition to The Columbus Food Hub having its opening on November 7, 2016. It’s open Mondays through Fridays from 6:30 am. to 10:00 am. The restaurant is owned by Gayl Troy, her daughter Ray and a man nicknamed T. What the Waffle is one of the few black-owned restaurants here in Columbus. Overall, What the Waffle is not perfect but it is promising and has plenty of potential.

Atmosphere and Appearance

What the Waffle struggles with atmosphere and appearance. This atmosphere problem is an issue for The Columbus Food Hub building in general and unfortunately by being there, What the Waffle inherits the struggle.

From the outside, the building looks outright confusing. There is one glass door in the back of the building that is made for customer use. If you approach from a side of the building that is not the back you will not be able to get in and you may be confused because the building has several other wooden doors without handles made just for employees to exit. When I arrived at the restaurant, I was perplexed searching to find a door that I could enter. I even wondered if the building was closed down or if I had went to the wrong address. Luckily, Ray happened to see me out of a small employee window and she told me where the door was.

Once, I entered the aesthetic and atmosphere was better but it could still use improvement. Inside there were a few nice pictures and there were a large enough number of tables to seat a decent number of people. What the Waffle was also quite clean. The main weakness of the inside is that it was somewhat plain. Overall, once you get used to the atmosphere and appearance, it will not be problematic.


One of the main strengths of What the Waffle is the service. Ray and T take orders in the front while Gayl is in the kitchen. Both Ray and T are friendly and personable. They are willing to talk and have conversation but they also manage to not get sidetracked. Gayl cooks the food relatively quickly and Ray and T bring the food in a timely manner. The waffles, eggs, and other food also look quite presentable. Overall, the service at What the Waffle is excellent.

Menu and Variety

The main weakness of What the Waffle is the menu. Frankly, it’s extremely limited. When I last visited they only had about six options for food. There was a Belgian waffle with eggs, two breakfast sandwiches and two muffins. The only drinks were water or orange juice. Their menu leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to variety.

That said, Gayl, Ray, and T do have a plan to overcome their limited options. They are taking notes from customers of different items they can add to the menu. They are willing to write down your suggestions and attempt to add them to the offerings list. I personally asked about hot chocolate being an option for a drink and watched as T wrote down hot chocolate as a suggested beverage. I have not been back since the day I went, which was December 16. Hopefully the next time I visit hot chocolate will be an option. Ultimately, the limited menu, while troublesome, is an encouragement to go because you can be the one to help them expand their options. Your creativity could be a direct influence on what they choose to cook. If What the Waffle can become in tune with the community, then their menu can undoubtedly become expansive and interesting.

Taste and Quality

The main strength of What the Waffle is undoubtedly the quality of their food. The waffle looks tasty and so do the other items on the menu; the taste matches the look as well. I ordered a waffle and two eggs scrambled hard with cheese.

The eggs were scrambled hard but they were not dry. They had excellent texture and they were flavorful. The cheese was also nicely melted into my eggs. The eggs and cheese were extremely flavorful together.

The waffles were an excellent shade of brown; they also had a nice texture. They had a slight crunch but they were also fluffy on the inside. The waffle tasted good, even without syrup and was simply complemented by the syrup if you added it.

Another excellent quality of the waffles was that they did not absorb ridiculous amounts of syrup. Have you ever gone to a restaurant, ordered a pancake or a waffle, put syrup on it, and then about halfway through eating the pancake or waffle have to pour more syrup on it because the syrup has been absorbed? This situation has happened to me plenty of times. It is annoying when you have to pour syrup over and over again. What the Waffle avoids this problem. Their waffles absorb the syrup more slowly, which gives you the time to focus on enjoying the waffle.

The waffle and the eggs tasted great together. I also heard other people speaking of their muffins while I was there and everyone was complimenting them about how good the muffins were.

Overall, the food was filling and delectable.


What the Waffle is a restaurant with high potential. The food was spectacular. The waffles and eggs exceeded my expectations. However, the atmosphere and appearance may deter some people; the limited menu may also be a deterrent. However, the service and the quality of the waffles, eggs, and other foods make up for these shortcomings. In addition, Gayl, Ray, and T have plans to expand their menu and as long as customers are invested and creative, the menu could become large and diverse. What the Waffle is a restaurant worth investing time and money in in order to have excellent food and to support black businesses.

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High Potential and Spectacular Food With Some Aesthetic Room For Improvement
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