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I didn’t know what to expect when I was told I would be covering the event at the Bluestone. I’ve never been to a concert like Safe in Sound before so shoutout to @primesocial for sending us there. The bass from the speakers shook the whole building, but I felt like the energy from the crowd was the heaviest component for the show.

Dirty Phonics, one of the many artist that performed felt the same way. “The Columbus stop of the Safe In Sound fest was sick! This is our second time playing this venue and the energy is always insane, can’t wait to come back!” I was very impressed with the artists that were performing and I would definitely recommend experiencing a show like Safe in Sound if you have the chance. I got to see the guys working the sound and lights, they had as much energy as the performers! Being able to see that was a dope experience as well.

Overall Safe in Sound was about positive energy and enjoying loud amped up music.

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