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DevinXo releases his long awaited EP Coming Of Age this week, following the release of the single “Free Your Soul” and its basketball themed video. The project will also include the single “Social Anxiety” and a feature from Diamond Browne. Check FlyPaper in the coming days for the projects full release.

Bree The Rapper treated us to an exclusive look at her album Game Over, jam packed with features with everyone from artfromkevin, Kid Crave and Tobilla to Tune and newcomer Jäs. The album weighs in on relationships, self-acceptance and the her no-nonsense approach to music that inspired the project’s title.

Greg Owens put us in our feelings with the sonically diverse Eclectic Soul. Upbeat EDM mingles with ambient meditational music and hip hop tracks all in the same. With this project, Greg takes on relationships and the idea of “twin flames,” self love, meditation and wanting to stand out. The project features collaborations with Miir, TrigNO, Kashis Keyz, Correy Parks and Greg’s singer-songwriter girlfriend NyQuinn, whose Little Mi$$understood is coming soon.

After SPRNG SVNTEEN we knew there had to be a follow up from Trek Manifest. SUMMR SVNTEEN continues with summertime inspired tracks like “Shoot Em Up Movies” and a response to police brutality in the city on “Hands Up High.”

Cincinnati MC JayBee Lamahj gave us the The Wiz inspired YLLWBRKRD. The album follows him on a journey of self exploration, achieving a peice of mind and finding your way.

Ron Phoenix followed up a series of rapper-producer projects with his latest, B4 W.A.D.R.. The 4-track EP is produced solely by Devin Davie with a guest spot from Lvrd Daphne.

Kashis Keyz continued his Word Play Wednesdays series with tracks like “Redemption,” “Bullsh*t” and “Menthol.”

Yogi Split loaded up with the the new tracks “Smooth Operator,” “Increasing” and “Point 5 Interlude.”

And we also got new tracks from Tobilla, Tieran, Miir, freestyles from Taco Ve’l and a whole lot more.

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