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It’s not unusual to hear songs for the shorties this time of the year, but this one feels a little different. For Valentine’s Day, Elijah Banks and TrigNO came together to produce a vibe. In the spirit of the holiday, you hear the two artist putting forth their best game to take out a woman who’d caught their eye. The melody, lyrical depth and pseudo-funky production make this song a bop that you are going to play all year long, especially as the weather gets warmer.

See what makes this song special below.

Elijah Banks is a singer-songwriter and music enthusiast. He’s best known for album Point Of View, released early 2016. Daniel Elijah Lynch, also known as Elijah Banks was born in Fulda, Germany, on August 14, 1990. He grew up in Paterson, New Jersey, but later moved to Columbus, Ohio in his teenage years to be closer to family. Elijah banks represents a broad spectrum of hip-hop culture. Since a young age, he’s been intertwined in multiple genres; giving him a unique sound and feel.

Listen to more from him below.


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