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This should go without saying, and yet here we are. Here’s just a quick reminder that rape and sexual assault jokes are not funny and honestly, no part of someone forcing themselves on and inside another person should be funny. Little jokes, big jokes, jokes to women, jokes to men, jokes around a survivor, and jokes not around a survivor are in no way shape or form acceptable. Cut it out.

It’s 2017 and we need to acknowledge sexual assault and speak out against the jokes. Rape in this country is a prevalent crisis with very few survivors coming forward and unfortunately, I don’t see this changing. There was a time when public allegations of sexual assault and rape were likely to ruin someone’s career, but now similar situations receive a slap on the wrist and barely tarnish someone’s character.


As a society, we use laughter as a coping mechanism. We make jokes to reclaim traumatic experiences and in this process, we normalize a tragedy. Once we normalize things we accept them into our society, but we shouldn’t normalize rape. Rape should be shocking, heart wrenching, tragic, and heart breaking. Rape is not a joke. It is a violation of human rights. It’s an illegal attack of another human beings dignity. It’s an act of war. It’s a traumatic experience that many people face and very few discuss. It is anything but a joke.

You don’t know what someone else is going through. You don’t know what triggers someone and shouldn’t assume that you do.

Oh I’ve known this person for this many years and I would know if something like that happened. We are close”


“Oh no nothing like that has ever happened to them cause I’d be able to tell”

Nope. Nah. No Sike. That’s not how any of that works. No matter how close you are to someone, they might not ever share this intimate part of them with you because quite frankly, they don’t have to. They owe you nothing so you may not know this part of them.

Let’s also talk about being a decent human being for a second. You might have a mom, sister, aunt, niece, daughter or bestfriend who you don’t want get rape. You also might have a father, brother, uncle, nephew, son, or best friend who you do not want to get rape. By virtue of the word, you also WOULD NOT WANT TO GET RAPE! No one wants anyone man or woman to force themselves onto you against your will without your permission.

A rape or sexual assault joke might seem like something so small and trivial, but in all actuality, you’re contributing to a system that benefits and validate rapists and oppresses and invalidates the experiences of survivors. It’s saying this event that rips lives apart across the world is pure entertainment to you. You are taking the side of rapists everywhere. Is that what you want?

When you think about it, it is really no surprise rape and sexual assaults jokes aren’t funny.

P.S. If rape and sexual assaults jokes were funny, then Law and Order: SVU would be a comedy. (Hint: it is not)

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