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Women have been heavily involved in rap since the beginning of hip-hop but they have always been placed on a different level than their male counterparts. This is especially evident in the fact that there are so few of them. There are countless prominent male rappers but you can’t really say the same for women. And the ones we’ve had seem to be unable to get along. Even when they are rapping hard, many times, their talent is diminished to how sexy they are. The fact that there are so few of them and the little respect they get for their skills, creates a need for them to establish dominance in the field.

Even today, female rappers are pitted against each other. Is that the culture? Is there any other way to handle multiple female rappers leading the industry? Or is it just another example of women being at odds with each other every day? In every industry, women are in competition with each other and that has been proven as an issue. However, in hip hop particularly, rap beefs are common, so maybe female rappers being pit against each other is just the culture. Maybe hip-hop is bigger than gender roles in this aspect and it’s all about the rhymes.  From Lil Kim’s beef with Foxy Brown to Remy Ma and Nicky Minaj, female MC’s have always gone head to head for the top spot in the industry.

I’m sure that by now everyone has heard of the new diss track that Remy Ma just released via soundcloud attacking Nicki Minaj in every way possible, and if you haven’t heard it go take a listen. When I say that track was wild, it might even be an understatement; it’s more than that. Remy pretty much destroyed Nicki in seven minutes.

Nicki and Remy have had issues for years circling around relationship rumors and supposed diss tracks but during most of this time Remy was locked up. Remy is now free after six years and I’m not really sure how these threats are going to fare with law enforcement officers because as we all know, Remy has never been one for talk; she’s about that action.

The track begins with Minaj saying “free Remy” to which Ma responds with gunshot noises and a deep “f**k Nicki Minaj” and then spends the next six minutes and 57 seconds bringing up basically every issue she has with the rapper and insinuates that if she wasn’t locked up, she’d have Nicki’s spot as the best current female MC.

The song title itself that brings back memories from the original Ether track in which Nas bodied Jay Z on his 2001 album “Stillmatic” as a response to Jay Z’s song Takeover in order to maintain his previous title as the King of NY. She even raps over the original Ether instrumental. ShETHER is a response to Nicki’s track Make Love with Gucci Mane in which Nicki takes jabs at  Remy, which she honestly shouldn’t have done. Nicki rapped, “One platinum plaque, album flopped” a line which could fit Remy and in return, less than a day later, Remy fired back.

With lines like:

“No, to be the Queen of Rap, you can’t have a ghostwriter”

“Only time you touch a trigga is when you f**ked Trey Songz”

“And stop talking numbers, you signed a 360 deal

Through Young Money, through Cash Money, through Republic

Which means your money go through five n**gas before you touch it”


She takes shots at Nicki’s notoriously fake a** and her relationship with Meek Mill. Remy states that she heard these things from males close to Nicki like Meek Mill. Ma then accuses Minaj of exchanging sexual favors with Drake, Lil Wayne, Gucci, etc. as well as having a ghostwriter in order to gain notability, outs her for financing her pedophilic brother, and claims that Nicki stole the line “these bi**hes are my sons” from her twitter.

Minaj responded to this with Instagram posts of Ma’s sales and posting about Beyoncé’s support of her in which Bey sings her own version of Darling Nicki for Minaj, to which Beyoncé hasn’t commented. If anything, this beef and has inspired many hilarious Twitter posts. It seems that although Minaj started the feud in 2007, if ShETHER is any indication of what is to come, Ma is definitely going to win.

Now after listening, who do you think should win? Is the battle is going to continue to play itself out, and what about other contenders? If Remy Ma and Nicky Minaj are battling over the spot as the queen of rap is that dismissing other solidified and up and coming MCs in the game?

That’s probably why rappers like Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and Azealia Banks are commenting on and claiming to be featured on the next diss track. They want to make it known that they are contenders for the spot too. With rappers like Lil Kim and Foxy Brown in the mix as original femcees, they certainly have the clout to say whatever they wish. Then you also have to think of rappers like Young M.A who hasn’t spoken on the issue but is definitely talented enough to be considered one of the best right now too.

With all of these female rappers in the game and speaking out, it is very interesting what this could mean for the future of women in hip hop. There is so much diversity in terms of age range, experience, styles, as well as personality. You have rappers like Azealia Banks who is ready at any moment to state her opinion about any issue whether it regards her or not, Remy Ma who is quick to defend herself but also states that female rappers should work and support each other, Young M.A who not only has bars but is also using her platform to speak out about queer issues, and rappers like Lil Kim and Foxy Brown who have been in the game so long its almost unpredictable what they’re going to do.

What is obvious though, is that with all the coverage of femcees past and present, the culture is going to expand, gain a broader fan base, and increase in prestige. These femcees are going to bring to the forefront a much needed female perspective that is often overshadowed by a very male dominated hip hop scene.

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