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One of the most memorable moments in recent movie history comes from a sci-fi action thriller that I know most of you will never forget.  In the scene, young Neo has come to a crossroads in his life.  With the mysterious Morpheus standing in front of him, Neo looks down at the hands of Morpheus and must make a decision.  Does he take the blue pill and continue to live in ignorant bliss?  Or does he take the trip down the rabbit hole and embrace reality by taking the red pill?  Well we all know which pill he took and henceforth we all experienced this cult classic.

The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are pop culture symbols representing the choice between the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue) and embracing the sometimes-painful truth of reality (red).  But many people do not recognize that this moment of the movie symbolizes more than just good vs. evil, knowledge vs. ignorance.  It symbolizes our daily existence and the way we make choices, from simple to life changing.  Here are a few examples.

Of course you always can look at the very literal meaning of picking the blue pill vs. the red pill.  People who abuse a substance (including pills) choose pretty much the same effects offered in the movie.  Many people often partake in drugs and alcohol to escape harsh realities and live in a detached state of mind.  Some would rather stay up in the clouds then have to come down and deal with the realities they face daily.

Men and women have red vs. blue pill experiences all of the time. Sometimes I believe that women take the blue pill on a regular basis. Because it doesn’t matter what they ask you, they really don’t want to hear the actual truth.  All men know that as a man, boyfriend, or husband, when your woman asks you something about her you NEVER say the truth, you just give them the automated response you have been conditioned to say.  “Baby does my butt look like hers?” …Man- “Of course not baby”.  We all know that members of the opposite sex think two totally different ways.  They should have called the pills Venus or Mars.

Sometimes taking the blue pill can be a good thing.  I was listening to some new album the other day and one track used a sample clip of an interview actor/icon Will Smith had a few years back.  In the interview Will Smith discussed his keys to success.  He talked about his insane work ethic and dedication to succeeding.  He also mentioned that most successful people are somewhat delusional.  Who wants to face reality when some of the most creative, life-changing creations are not born of realistic thinking?  To think outside the box you may need to take the blue pill.  Reality sometimes just puts roadblocks in your way.  Being delusional can mean that maybe you see things differently and you are just waiting for everyone else to catch up.

Try a little experiment with yourself.  Look back at some of the decisions you make over the next week and see just how many times you chose to take the blue pill or the red pill.  You might surprise yourself.

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