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What defines a new wave? Some would say a new movement, fad, or trend. I would say a new wave is an original thought which resonates in various ways with a group of people who are passionate about pushing its message and figuring out a plethora of ways to embody it physically. First Collective, a new movement out of the capital city centered around music, art, skate, and street cultures, would like to present their own new wave, The Shindig.

The spark for the wave came from a gap in culture that 1st Collective is attempting to fill. The city has been disunified as far as the demographics of events, according to Ibrahim “I-Vision” Fall, one of the event’s curators. They are endeavoring to present “The Shindig” as the premiere outlet for expression of all cultures in Columbus. Columbus nightlife is missing a stream where people of all walks of life can let loose and freely express themselves in their respective ways.

Historically, a “Shindig” is a lively dance party where the main focus is a celebration. First Collective is celebrating all cultures through the form of music and dance. Separating themselves from other hip-hop shows, the artists will not be the primary focus of this event; rather, the expression of the people in attendance will be the main focal point. Free-flowing energy from the performers, the crowd, and the environment is what truly encompasses The Shindig. The aura of the event will be controlled to appeal aesthetically to all senses. From manipulating lighting, controlling the room temperature, using fog and various projections, changing the artist line-up in the moment to appeal to the current vibe in the room, everything is meticulously calculated in order to give a perfect 4-D experience, unlike Columbus has ever seen.

Adding to the experience, the Shindig will also encompass a swap meet aspect. Apparel and branding is a big part of our culture, and ten local artists and their camps will be there to appeal to your local gear wants and needs. Each of the artists and local vendors (including FlypaperMag) will have spaces set up during the entire event for local brands to buy, sell, and trade between each other and also the attendees, so come ready to dance, party, shop, and, above all, experience something Columbus has never seen and will most definitely never forget.

106.7’s very own Midwest Mally has given his stamp of approval for The Shindig. From DJ’ing the first Shindig last December, he has stepped up his involvement this year. “This is my second time working with the Shindig…I didn’t expect it to be as big as it was last time. When they hit me up for the second one, I was all for it,” said Mally. To those teetering on the fence of deciding whether or not to go, it will be an experience you will never forget and FPM stands behind that statement.

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