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This week’s #KarrisCrushWednesday goes to the incredible Oluchi Obiagwu. A current student at OSU, with a major in nursing & a minor in inequality & society, Oluchi is the embodiment of black excellence. Not only is she an intelligent student and a certified go-getter, but she also has a personality that radiates through her gorgeous smile, the source being her heart of pure gold. As a student, Oluchi had the opportunity to serve as a trip leader where she was able to live at a homeless shelter for a week. During her stay she got the chance to interact with and understand the lives of the homeless.

This experience helped to solidify Oluchi’s passion for people which has been her motivating force throughout her academic journey. But, like countless other brilliant black women, Oluchi refused to stop there with her own experiences and success, she also serves as a mentor for freshman WOC at OSU, as well as mentor freshman pre-nursing students.

Through her mentorship, Oluchi is able to share her story as she writes it. What makes Oluchi so amazing is that she not only succeeds, but she elevates those around her as well, signs of a born leader and genuine role model.

Relentless in her pursuit to help others, she also travels to schools throughout the state the Dean of her college to provide health screenings while educating students on the importance of mental and heart health.  Oluchi’s ultimate end goal is to open a clinic that serves low-income communities in order to combat health disparities.

For these reasons and so many more, she is truly crush-worthy!

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