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Written by Vida Michelle Orellana/Contact graciasgod@yahoo.com –

Evidence released this week in the Trayvon Martin murder case disputes the past claims made by George Zimmerman. Lab tests reveal that there was no DNA belonging to Trayvon found on the holster or 9mm gun used by Zimmerman on that tragic night. Swabs taken from the gun, found Zimmerman’s DNA as well as other handlers of the gun, but none belonging to Trayvon.

The report was released by the Florida Dept of Law Enforcement. Trayvon Martin’s school records, incident reports, and a statement from the 7-11 clerk that sold Trayvon a bag of skittles before he died were also presented in the case this week.

Zimmerman continues to be out on $1 million bond, and stands behind his self-defense/not guilty plea as he argues that he is covered by the States controversial law “Stand Your Ground” — where a person is allowed to use deadly force if they feel their life is threatened.

We continue to ask for justice in this case, and in the case of so many others who have been murdered, and we continue to remember Trayvon and the legion he represents.

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