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Sorry for the wait. TTDB experienced some technical difficulties that delayed the publishing of this episode. Recorded the first week of November, DJ Bern and Opinionated Ass Eh Kees had to circle back and do another edition of Unpopular Opinions. After struggling with finding the right things to talk about, the weekend of Halloween generated alot of thoughts and controversy. Listen to the host discuss the different ways people listen to and love music, the legalization of weed, halloween costumes (BLACKFACE) and white people saying the N word. This episode is jampacked with controversial views and certainly to be polarizing regardless of the side of the fence you sit on.


“…To The Drummers Beat” is a music-focused podcast that discusses contemporary hip hop through a historical lens while sometimes deviating into conversations about black American culture as a whole. It is recorded weekly and hosted by FlyPaper Magazine.

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