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Vada Azeem released the long awaited Twenties Go For Nix EP today which is produced entirely by R∆§H∆Р and features guest spots from Stalley, Curren$y, and LT’Z. The EP is 6 tracks long and about 20 minutes.

FlyPaper interviewed Vada last year where Vada goes in depth with the theme surrounding the project. Twenties Goes For Nix sees Vada explore his experience with street culture, implicitly repentant for his sins. It was his goal to tell the story of the good kids from the mad cities who didn’t always make the best decisions.

“Everything I rap about, I actually did,” Vada said at his listening party. “I’m passionate about “America ruining our communities” because America really ruined my mom’s life my dad’s life. And this type of music should come from me. I’m like Kendrick except I decided to do it. What about the good kids who decided to to get in mess. There’s alot of good kids out there running the street.”

Listen to the behind the mic interview where Vada goes in depth with his personal story and talks about his journey making the project.

Make sure you check the genius breakdown for his lyrics.

Twenties Go For Nix is available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play Music, and your favorite streaming platform (Apple Music, TIDAL, Spotify).

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