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Valentine’s Day is just another day to quite a few people living in Columbus, OH and that is ok.

Columbus has plenty to do and plenty to offer for those that are or aren’t single. If you’re single I don’t think that you should pressure yourself into finding a date or spending time with someone that you have no desire in seeing on a regular basis. I believe that everyone should do as they please and dedicate the day to the people that mean the most to them or just cater to themselves because every once in a while we deserve that. Don’t feel bad about being single on Valentine’s Day.

Even when you don’t have options you have options

My first option for those that do not have dates or anything planned is to just simply go through your day as if it were any other day. Wake up, go to work, come home, hang out at a local bar for happy hour, do whatever you want! Maybe you have the day off, very hard to stay away from all things love when you don’t have a work load to distract you.

However; if you’re going to recognize the day for what it is,  another idea is to grab yourself a bottle of your favorite wine, favorite foods and a cozy blanket bundle up in the comforts of your own bed or in your favorite spot on the couch and enjoy the time to yourself. Once you get bored or legs get numb from indulging in your favorites all day long, run you a nice warm bath, light your favorite candles, dim the lights, turn on your favorite playlist, relax. Let time go for a moment.

What I mean by that is, sometimes in situations like this, with a wine buzz and love stories all, we can become vulnerable. Turn off your phone. If someone wanted your time on a day like Valentine’s Day, the attempt would have been made beforehand. Don’t give in to the temptation.

You can always go be around other people

If you’re anything like me, being single in the house on Valentine’s Day isn’t going to work. I do not want any parts of being by myself. A meet up with some of your single friends or some of your coworkers is always a good idea.

Boutiques and art galleries are still open on Valentine’s Day which is a good thing. It will be less crowed and you can really appreciate some of the talent we have in the city. The Columbus Arts Museum is also a good place to meet up with a group of people on Valentine’s Day. You can make group dinner reservations at nice restaurant downtown such as Buca Di Beppo in the Arena District or Marcella’s on North High Street or grab a drink from BBR which is also in the arena district or you can head down towards German Village and get drinks and food from Gresso’s.

If being out doesn’t sound ideal but you still want to be around people, maybe having a get together at your house is an option. You can have board game, cards, movies, food, and drinks and just enjoy the company of other single people without the “Valentine” pressure.

Try A Little Self TLC

If being alone but not wanting to be in the house is how you want to spend you Valentine’s Day, then I’d recommend a spa day, or attend a paint and sip event.  There are many spas around Columbus such Replenish: The Spa Co-op which is located at 124 S. Washington Ave Columbus, OH 43215. Another spa located at 955 W. 5th Ave #102 is called Blake Ross Salon. Both spas offering similar services, the Black Ross salon services include nail care, hair care; make up waxing, skin care and massages. Replenish: The Spa Co-op offers a yoga packages, face and waxing packages as well as packages to help with energy and sleep. I will also suggest the Tranquility Salt Caves located at 30 Dillmont Drive. The Salt Caves offers halotherapy which can help with conditions such as asthma and eczema. The salt in the caves comes from the Himalayas and only takes 45 minutes to cleanse your body.

It doesn’t have to be depressing to be single on Valentine’s Day; everyone deserves their own type of happiness. If spending time with yourself or time with your friends makes you happy then do that.


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