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Meet Ogochukwu Obiagwu, a true force to be reckoned with. Her overwhelming amount of ambition and drive is paralleled by her beauty. Ogo is well on her way to being a quadruple threat and the world is not ready.

But Ogo has no intentions of easing up! She is currently on track to earning her BSBA, Masters of Accounting, and CPA certification by May 2020 from The Ohio State University. Outside of the classroom, she is engaged in student groups and professional development programs such as the Google Allo Ambassador Program, Becker Professional Education Student Ambassador Program, UNCF/Koch Scholars Program, EY Scholars Program, Project Thrive, and the Deloitte Career Launch Program.

On top of that, she also serves as Philanthropy Chair of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) Ohio State University chapter, where she facilitates chapter community outreach efforts.

As if that wasn’t enough to take your breath away, Ogo is also the CEO/Founder of By Ogochukwu (ByOgochukwu.bigcartel.com). If you didn’t know, By Ogochukwu is a fashion brand dedicated to “expressing cultural pride through fashion.”

Her overall passion for business, diversity, and community shows in all of her endeavors and inspires her eagerness to both learn and experience new things, improve her own personal brand, and make her mark! A leader, philantropist, scholar and entrepreneur…your WCW could never.

Ogo looks forward to growing her professional network, and connecting with students and professionals, so link up with her now or try to get her autograph later, the choice is yours!

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