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pa flex and Co City 500

Written by: Vida Michelle Orellana / Contact: graciasgod@yahoo.com –

With a song title like “Champion”; strong lyrics and a dope beat are mandatory.

Knowing that, Co City stands up and delivers.

Quickly setting the tone, the first verse starts out as strong as the intro; a combo of sound bites that gain your interest, and get you hyped to a high level that the rest of the song will continue to follow. While comparing himself to some of the Greatest Of All Times, and with the horns blowing in the background announcing his entrance as The Champion, Co City’s unique voice, and intelligent lyrics, don’t disappoint. The recipe of talent, a witty play on words, and expert production make his point; this song is made for, and about — Champions.

“Welcome to the jungle, the thrilla in Manila, shout out to J Dilla, I’m cold just like a Killa, there’s none illa. Unveiling the facts like Donnie Brasco, — Mikhail Gorbachev, bombs over Moscow”

”I want the crown and the throne, no compromise. Grey skies, I’m the truth, through Gods eyes.”

As a member of Elev8tor Music Label, the same label his best friend and critically acclaimed artist, Rashad is signed to, Co City and The 3rd, does an excellent job at representing the Company motto of “Elev8 The Game.” It’s easy to see that music is not only what they do, it’s who they are. The music scene and all that comes with it, is a lifestyle for the Elev8tor Music Group.

Since skills run in the family, the guest appearance of General PA Flex, his blood and label brother is just part of the plan, and the lyrical assault continues…

“Shoulders of an African King, medallions swing, wrote words so the stallion can sing, battalion rings”

“I’m ill. Can’t be fixed with a pill, can’t be bought with a dollar bill, too damm real.”

Production, Master in Mixing –

As if the dope lyrical content wasn’t enough, enter Mista Lindsey a.k.a. Prime. Owner of Big Bald Head Entertainment Studio and B-237 Productions. You may already know him as one of the most talented producers The Midwest has to offer, and a Columbus, Ohio native and legend. His sound is recognizable and his scratch game reminiscent of Premier, of Gangstarr.

Prime has the soul of a DJ, and the mind of a Producer, and his traditional style of making a hook out of a rare mix of samples cannot be compared, or conquered.

This song qualifies as some of the best music to recently come out of Columbus. Along with the motivating feeling the song will leave you with, it will also either remind you of who you are, or who you could be; A Champion.

We look forward to more from Co City, The 3rd and The Elev8tor Music Group,

as they –Elev8te The Game.

**Also check out the original version of Champion, featuring Krate Digga**


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