When there are apps that find you a ride, apps that you arrange for food delivery, and even apps that help you find love, you know that there is an app for everything.. It should come to no one surprise that there is now an app that will not only find the party but let you take a live peak inside before you make the commitment.

This revolutionary app is called Another Night Out or “ANO” for short. ANO was created by Ohio University student Michael Culpepper after he and his friends arrived at a party on campus one night and were disappointed that the event did not live up to expectations Culpepper left that party thinking if only he could have peeked into the party and seen how it really was about before making that his venue of choice, it could’ve salvaged he and his friends’ night. Not long after, the ANO app was born.

Sporting a sleek, user-friendly interface, the ANO app is free to use and seeks to fill the void for friends deliberating between two venues or on the fence about going out at all. The application will pick up any events in the city that the user is currently in, which also makes it perfect for people visiting different cities.

ANO can also be used by anyone wanting to post what’s currently happening at their venue in an attempt to draw in potential party-goers or dole out FOMO for people who aren’t in attendance. That being said, the developers want to make it clear that just because you see an event happening does not automatically make that an invite for onlookers to join in on the fun. Anybody that IS in attendance has the privilege of uploading their own live video and pictures, automatically adding to the event’s profile page.

Application’s spokesman,  Antoine Spence,  clarifies that the purpose of the app is to give people perspective. Once you have all of the details, you can make an informed decision.

The app is currently available in the Apple app store to be downloaded for free. Android users will have to wait a little longer before the app can be coded for the OS. Developers promise it will be more than worth the wait when it does become available.

The creators of ANO want you to grab your friends, download the app, and never again waste another night out.


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