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My name is Jamie Minor and welcome to my first ever movie review. I first would like to thank FlyPaper Magazine for giving me the opportunity to speak on something that I have a true passion for. I truly appreciate the support.

Now that I have that out the way, let’s get started…

This movie……………………………..was pretty good. Shocking right???

Don’t let The Trolls Keep You From The Theatre

Let’s start at the beginning, and I mean the very beginning when it was announced that there would be four women instead of four men for the roles of the Ghostbusters. I’m going to say what people are afraid to say. When fanboys say, “you’re ruining my childhood” because of a decision to change something from a movie, it’s because of one of two things: one, you changed the race and white fan boys are furious; or two, you changed the sex and fan boys are furious.

Sounds like racism and sexism to me right? When you call them out on it, they refuse to accept that label and instead find any way to nitpick about the project before it even comes out. We call them internet trolls people. (Side note, there is a scene that has a one-blink-and-you’ll-miss-it joke concerning online trolls in the movie that was hilarious.)

I hate to ruin the internet trolls lives but their worst fears came true. This movie was good AND another shocker…wait for it…the female characters are actually FUNNY!

Low Expectations Serve The Movie Well, The Reboot Holds Its Own.

This movie is being met with negative feedback before it even comes out and people are going into it with low expectations and maybe that’s a good thing. Let’s be honest here. We have been waiting for a third part of this franchise since 1989. Of course people are a little emotional but being completely transparent, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones each bring something to the film in their own unique way. Don’t get me wrong there are some bad parts in the movie and I will get to as well, but let me touch on the review.

The movie starts off with hilarious nod to the 1984 first installment. Then you’re introduced to three scientist whose main goal at the beginning is to be taken seriously as scientist. One of the things that I was hoping they wouldn’t do was make the female characters a carbon copy of the 1984 male lead ghostbusters, because that would be wack (and you know it). Have no fear the beginning of the movie dismiss that thought and lays the foundations that these women are completely different from the original ghostbusters.  The ladies are accompanied by Chris Hemsworth who plays their hot receptionist who also happens to be one of the dumbest characters I’ve ever seen On screen, he should really do more comedies he was amazing. The bad guy of the film is your typical nerd (Neil Casey) who has spent all his life being bullied now seeking revenge on society.

The Good

Without spoiling the entire film, the plot for the movie is nothing new. A team comes into their own just to find out that there is a bad guy that’s been causing problems and needs to be stopped. The team breaks up only to come back for one final fight at the end. This was good because the story actually made sense. One of the things that I liked about the group in the movie was that you can tell they were all on the same team. There was an obvious chemistry with the cast.  I think the ladies did a great job working together. Also the after credits scene is worth the wait when you hear a certain name mentioned….

The Bad

The biggest issue with this movie is the pace. At first the movie starts off as a straight comedy poking fun at internet trolls but that’s about it. The movie lacks a lot of small details that connect to the big picture. You can tell that the script went through a lot of revisions. There is also times where the film is just dead and you find yourself looking at your watch to see what time it is.

The other issue with the film is this Ghostbusters film cant decided if it’s a new take on the franchise or respectfully paying homage to the original. Even though the directors tried to put a new spin on the movie you found yourself going back to the original. From the cameos from the original cast (which all worked except one), to the catchphrases to the iconic songs to slimmer, I found myself going back to the 1984 film instead of focusing on the 2016 film.

My Point is if you want to start fresh then start fresh, if you want to pay homage to the first film then do that, but mixing the two caused problems. 

Final Thoughts

7.0 Pretty Aiight

Ghostbusters brings a breath of fresh air to the franchise with four strong lead roles. This movie showed that four lead women can carry an entire movie. The biggest problem with the film comes with how the director edited the pacing. Also, the large amount of paying homage to the original in the film overshadowed the 2016 cast.

Overall the film is enjoyable but it’s a not a knock out the ball park that you hoped to silence the internet trolls.

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