COTDThere’s a lot of music out there and things some people have listened to that others haven’t. So I drew inspiration from a random homework assignment that was given out one day in the COTD, where somebody had the idea that everybody go back and revisit a Beatles album. I really appreciated somebody suggesting it to me, so I created “Church Announcements”. These are curated playlists for exposure purposes.

For example, let’s say one thinks Tupac gets a bad rep for not being lyrical. One will put together a CA and now we have “7 songs that show Pac Flexing on the mic”.

Another example of a good CA: 3 artist that you thought would be one hit wonders that have gems in their discography; or How American Gangster is the Sequel to Reasonable Doubt. Etc.

The CA have a purpose and the songs support the argument that the curator wanted to make. These playlists are going to put us all on to new/old music, new/old artists, or make us look at a particular artist in different lights.

The playlist will be “published” on Sunday evening/Monday Morning (unless there’s good cause for delay), so look forward to weekly updates.


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