The 6-1-4 Revisited Again (1)

We piloted the 6-1-4 Power ranking in April but took a month off to perfect the formula and work out some of the kinks. We are bringing it back on this 14th of June in honor of FlyPaper’s #SixOneFourOneSix and #614Day. Expect the 6-1-4 Power Ranking on the 14th of every month, from here on out.

Make sure you share your thoughts on the power ranking on social media by hashtagging it #614PowerRanking. What did we get right? What did we miss? Who are we sleeping on?

Editor’s note: this ranking is accurate up through the first of June. Any activity that has taken place since then will be reflected in next month’s power ranking.

The 6 – Magna Media Group, Golden Wave, Hodgie, The Tribe, Fabrashay A, Yaves Ellis

Since the beginning of time, listening to music has been a community experience. The key to truly growing as an artist is connecting with your audience. Activity is key to sustained growth and having a great career. Taking into account several variables such as philanthropic efforts around the city, social media engagement, quantity and quality of shows/performances, frequency of releases (videos + songs), and collaboration efforts, these are the SIX artists whom we think are doing a good job of staying engaged with their audience and active on the music scene.

Magna Media Group

Magna Media Group

The FlyPaper 6-1-4 is incomplete without mentioning all of the work that Magna Media has done over the course of the month of May. Collectively, they put out three new songs, toured across the state of Ohio opening up for Nas signee Boldy Jones and getting looks on Columbus radio. Additionally, Dominique Larue opened up the show for Freddie Gibbs. Both Dominique Larue and Darrio Lamont were spotlighted with on-air interviews and radio rotation.

Read and learn more about Magna Media with the FlyPaper spotlight put in Issue 4.

Golden Wave

Golden Wave

Golden Wave stayed busy during the month of May. Between the group members, they released ten different tracks, with special consideration given to the insanely talented KMB and Yogi Split whom both produced several individual efforts. Golden Wave was apart of the Lines of Matty B Art Show at Stonewall May 6, put together their own showcase May 12th and KMB+Kid Crave played Skully’s May 22nd.



Hodgie rose from dormancy in a major way in May. Stalley’s artist debuted a new song with the son of Ohio Legend Bizzy Bone, Lil BIzzy, and played two shows over the course of the month. With upcoming collaborations coming soon with Soop and Vada, Hodgie figures to continue to rise on the power rankings.

The Tribe

The Tribe

Tribe may be the busiest Columbus group that you’ve never heard of. In the past months, they’ve played shows with Father and then NumbersFest, before playing as an opening act to Curren$y whe he visited Park St. They recently revealed that they are going to be playing the Smokers Club tour, opening for Camron, The Underachievers, G-Herbo and Smoke DZA. There is more coming down the line for them, including project releases from various members of the group so keep an eye out for them.

Fabrashay A


Fabrashay A announced that he was back making music this month. Releasing a freestyle over Drake’s Grammy generating hundreds of plays and playing two shows, Fab is back buzzing and set to release a project that “will shut down the rest of the summer.”



Columbus artist Yaves propelled from his hiatus after marriage and ministry with the series finale EP – standing as the perfect adieu to its predecessors; In Summer, Autumn and Winter’s Ear. His EP was released in the middle of May and already has amassed thousands of organic listens.

The 1 – Jerreau

There always has to be ONE. With this spot, we list who we think is the current face of Columbus hip hop. The 1 has all of the qualities listed in the previous category. They are engaged with their audience, they are putting out quality music, they have the respect of their peers and are making a lot of noise in the city. Everybody wants to be the 1…


Naming Jerreau as the one was not a hard decision. Jerreau has been on a tear since the April release of Never How You Plan. Beyond touring across the country, doing shows on both coasts, getting play during the NBA playoffs and public support from one of the best players in the league, receiving national press on the blogroll, Jerreau has also been identified and recognized as a talent to watch by major charting organizations such as Spotify and Billboard.

Never How You Plan has received featured spotlight on the iTunes store. Lead single “Really Got It” was at 850K+ plays on Spotify, 800K+ on AppleMusic and 550K+ on SoundCloud. As far as sons of Columbus go right now, Jerreau definitely has the juice right now.

"I started hoopin' for the @Nike check, I played tennis for the @Rolex." @kingjames #LaFamilia Song title: 'Really Got It' by Jerreau #NHYP is out now! Available on Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud, Google Play, Amazon. #NIT #TGTC #RWTW

A video posted by Jerreau (@jerreau) on

The 4 – Vada, Tae Fresh, Bruce Slaughter, Correy Parks

…and here are the four that are closest to overtaking him/her. The artists that fall under this category have all of the intrinsic qualities that the 1 has. All together the 1 + 4 are five artists that everybody in Columbus should be looking at, in the eyes of FlyPaper.


Vada Money Fhone

Vada returns to the 4 of the power ranking, marking his second time on the spotlight. His appearance is underscored by his performance at the of Made one year anniversary, the continued buzz of Money Fhone and the debut of the yet-to-be released Tecjam. Vada did two shows at double happiness since the last power ranking, and was named a headliner for the 10 Year Sole Classics celebration.

Read the FlyPaper interview with Vada here. 

Tae Fresh

Tae Fresh

Tae Fresh had a big month following the release of the April Power Ranking Spotlight. Tae released his Chances mixtape to national press from publications such as Complex Mag. Tae Fresh continues to enjoy the buzz from singles A lot and Run It Up. He’s slated to perform later this summer at Animal House and at other shows across the state. As his audience grows, you can expect to hear more from this locally grown artist.

Bruce Slaughter

Bruce Slaughter and band

Bruce Slaughter secured his spot on the power ranking top 5 with the release of the critical acclaimed Dancing Silhouettes. Since the last power ranking, Bruce has performed two shows and is looking to return to the stages this summer.

Correy Parks

Correy Parks

In the aftermath of releasing the Road Less Traveled and being named the 1 in the city with the juice, Correy Parks hit the show circuit hard, performing on at least six different occasions. Correy Parks performed at Juice, the Heart of it All Fashion Show After Party, OSU Blackout, the MADE 1 Year Anniversary, with Lil Guilty and Friends, for the Mint Fundraiser and even did a spot at Femme Fetale. The crown does not slip easy, and Correy Parks is making sure to stay in the Columbus hip hop spotlight.

We Also Have Love For…

Though we did our best to eliminate any bias, it is still subjective. We know that there are going to be people who disagree with it and look forward to having conversations about it. Like it or hate it, let us know! Make sure to  follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Columbus is in a great place sonically. We want you to take the time to listen to all of the other artist making contributions to the hip hop scene here.

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  • Pete Kidd
  • Armond Wakeup
  • Yogi Split
  • Tripp Fontane
  • Copywrite
  • Kid Crave
  • Majilla
  • Zae
  • Tobilla Muffin
  • Art From Kevin
  • iSojah
  • Cromzz
  • Sam Rothstein
  • Prince Kyy
  • Devin Xo
  • Brady
  • Greg Owens
  • B Dub The Versafire
  • A-Foe

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