Author Nathan Gordon

Bio: My passion for movies probably began when my mom let me watch 'The Sixth Sense' at a young age late at night with the only light in sight coming from the TV screen. That night I was not able to sleep because I was basically traumatized by what I watched. I know I was young and scary movies usually cause people to freak out but I couldn't get over how a movie was able to effect me like that. So from then, my love for movies slowly grew and grew and is still growing til this day. My passion for doing more than just talking about movies occurred while I attended Ohio University. After graduating with a degree in Journalism, I feel I have the necessary tools I need to find my own voice and unique style. My work doesn't stop here as I've been working on my own personal blog dedicated to movies. I'm more than just a movie buff though. I also graduated from DeVry University with an Associates Degree in Web Graphic Design. With my degrees and a video production hobby, I'm just moving through life trying to bring all of my interests together. Area of Interest: Movies

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