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FINALLY we’re here. Time to reflect on the best of the best from 2015 (at least in my opinion). Below are my ten favorite movies from 2015. A lot of my top ten consist of movies that gave me the ideal movie experience. They either made laugh throughout, entertained with awesome actions and visuals, made me really get into the characters or all of that stuff put together. OR maybe their uniqueness really intrigued me. Who knows but you’ll soon find out (maybe). `After taking a look at my awesome top ten list, comment below and tell me your favorite movies of 2015. Also, P.S….I want you to know that once I see ‘The Revenant’, rest assure that it will be somewhere in my top ten.

10. Ant-Man

I know the title is a dead giveaway but ‘Ant-Man’ has a lot of ants in it. So if you’re one of those people who freak out over the sight several small insects crawling around (and somehow think they’re going to start crawling all over you) then this movie isn’t for you. If it helps, though, the ants are used in a very cool way throughout. But anyways, ‘Ant-Man’ isn’t the best Marvel movie and it isn’t the worst. It’s just another solid entry in the MCU and that’s a real good thing in my opinion.

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9. Dope

So to answer the earlier question, yes ‘Dope’ IS dope. It’s just an entertaining flick from start to finish so that generic phraseology just fits so perfectly whether you like it or not.

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8. Spy

I was surprised by how good this movie turned out to be. It was very funny and had some above par action scenes…but mainly it was very funny. Melissa McCarthy did a great job trying to redeem herself after 2014’s ‘Tammy’ debacle and Rose Byrne and Jason Statham put on their funniest performances I believe. Byrne had so many hilarious quotables and Statham played the funniest annoying, over confident pest he could possibly play. Funny movies are usually created when McCarthy and, director, Paul Feig work together so they should just keep working together until that pairing turns sour.

7. Kingsman: The Secret Service

‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ is a breath of fresh air to the spy genre. It was a fun spirited movie that doesn’t want to be taken as seriously as its other spy movie counterparts (which is made clear by its signature goofy, cool, colorful moment at the end). I’m really taking a liking to Matthew Vaughn‘s movie choices and look forward to what he’s going to take on next.

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6. It Follows 

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this movie so much. I’m saying this without trying to remember every scary movie that came out over the recent years but it should be included somewhere near the top of the bunch. It wasn’t scary to ME but it sure was creepy. After I finished watching it, I kept looking behind me just to make sure no one was following me. To me, ‘It Follows’ has a ‘The Sixth Sense’ and ‘The Ring’ type of vibe to it but still felt fresh at the same time (just FYI, ‘The Sixth Sense’ is the scariest movie I’ve seen but it only scared me as a child. A brotha couldn’t even sleep the night I saw it). It’s a breath of fresh air to the “scary movie” genre the way the first ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘Insidious’ were. The story had its flaws and didn’t feel fully developed but it made up for that in the creepy tension it created. The score also matched the feel the movie was going for. It exaggerated moments in the movie but it made them better and creepier. The movie just constantly had things happening from the start so the entertainment value was there. I was laughing at a lot of parts that probably weren’t meant to be laughed at but I felt it worked in the movies favor. All in all, the movie did a great job trying to be scary and creepy and that’s the main thing you can ask for from these “scary movies.”

5. Ted 2 

Man, this movie was hilarious, I don’t care what nobody says. I have to say that it’s funnier than ‘Ted’ and I thought ‘Ted’ was hilarious too. But this movie just felt like it brought one strong laughter one after the other. I mean you got the improv scene, the Gollum jokes, the Beatle Juice joke, the Liam Neeson cameo, the…alright let me stop before I just keep going and going. Seth MacFarlane’s Ted and Mark Whalberg’s John have great chemistry (yeah I know Ted’s a bear) and that made for great humor once again. Amanda Seyfried did a nice job basically taking over for Mila Kunis. She brought some nice humor to the table and also was the butt of some funny jokes as well. I will say that the story was better in ‘Ted’ ( I mean I didn’t feel many repercussions for Ted being labeled as just property besides that fact that he can’t really be married or be able to adopt) but this sequel just seemed to want to make you laugh by any means throughout so if the story had to take a hit then so be it. You probably have to enjoy MacFarlane’s style of childish humor to agree with this following statement but I am once again shown why I feel MacFarlane is a comedic genius.

4. Furious 7

‘Furious 7’ gave you chills and thrills. It left you sad and excited. It gave you sad CGI goodbyes and great fake action. Unfortunately Walker won’t be able to participate in this great franchise (he helped build) anymore and it sucks because it seems like it won’t be slowing down anytime soon which is crazy seeing how it’s SEVEN MOVIES IN.

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3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens 

What an amazing movie! After seeing it three times, I still kind of had that same joyous feeling I had when I first watched it. I still got some chills when the infamous opening credits started and when that one scene happened. You know that one scene that I can’t talk about unless I put a big ol’ SPOILER in front of whatever I’m going to say even though sites couldn’t wait to talk about it once the movie was finally released. But anyways, it definitely lived up to all the hype in my eyes and that’s a hard thing to do. The new characters brought in to lead the new trilogy are great (Kylo Ren is already a great, troubled villain to me), the mesh of the original trilogy characters was well done, the visuals were amazing and the raw, aggressive light saber battles we saw are something I look forward to seeing more of. I can’t wait until Episode VIII drops.

2. Creed

The duo of Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler are now two for two. I knew this movie would be good but I didn’t expect for it to be this good. It had a great heartfelt story that really made you root for the main character, Adonis (Jordan), all the way through the movie. When I really enjoy a movie, I accidentally find myself getting into it to the point where I start thinking it’s real and start interacting with the screen as if that is the case. You probably already guessed it but that is what happened here. The script was also well done, the boxing scenes were action-packed just as they should be in a boxing movie and the performances that were great across the board. My boy Jordan killed it but was still overshadowed by Slyvester Stallone putting on one of, if not, the best performances of his career. Only problem I really had with this movie is that the soundtrack included way too much Meek Mill. This movie is about winning and it shouldn’t be infested, musically, with a individual whose year included some hard loses.


1. Avengers: Age of Ultron 

I can’t say right now if I liked ‘Age of Ultron’ more than ‘The Avengers’ but it really doesn’t matter to me because it was another highly enjoyable MCU movie…(sees the movie for a second time)…yeah I think it might be better than ‘The Avengers’. I really feel like I can watch it again tomorrow and over and over again after that and still feel the same joy I had the first two times. In my opinion, Marvel wins again. Now time to count down when ‘Captain America: Civil War’ (basically an ‘Avengers’ sequel, just with a different name) and ‘Avengers: Infinity War Part 1’ are released.

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Yes, my list isn’t full of those award contenders or critically acclaimed indie movies but I can’t help it. This year I just really enjoyed what I really enjoyed. But once again feel free to comment below and tell me your favorite movies of last year or we can just discuss how great my list is. Whatever. Also, if you’re interested, take a look at at my top ten list of 2014 right here.


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