If you were roaming about the world in search of a dream career in fashion, I’m almost certain the last city you would think of would be Columbus, Ohio. That might be a mistake on your behalf. Now, we aren’t talking international notoriety but, the fact is #ColumbusFashionMatters and we’ve got some VIP’s that often go overlooked.
The leading fashion hubs are New York and Los Angeles, respectively, due to being home to a massive number of designers or being the home of many successful brand headquarters.  But the fashion culture is changing rapidly due to a few hard hitting brands that are headquartered in Columbus, Ohio (such as the entire L Brands umbrella, which is nothing to sneeze at.)
The entire city of Columbus is growing in general as the population is the highest it’s ever been, but within the realm of fashion and retail there’s one other thing that incentivizes the move here instead of New York and LA…. The cost of living. Not convinced? Read more below:

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Courey McLemore, hailing from Columbus Ohio and graduated from University of Cincinnati with a bachelor of Science in Journalism, a mother of one and personal style blogger. My area of interest is sex, relationships, fashion, beauty and movies.

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