Yarima Karama

Written by: Vida Michelle / Contact: [email protected]

When I was in High School and took MUNI, the public transportation system in San Francisco, I would kill time by daydreaming and making up stories about the people I saw get on and off the bus. I would imagine who they were and what they did and the story would just build from there. Chances are the assumptions my imagination reached about that person were wrong. I’m sure who I thought they were, compared to who they really are, were as different as the two sides of a coin.

Enter Yarima Karama, who at first glance appears to be the most peaceful brother you ever met. In his case I was half right, Yarima is a peaceful brother and much more, but what I and most people don’t take into consideration is the price Yarima paid along the way for that peace vibe.

My Testament Vol. 1, by: Yarima Karama is an album based on a true story. It covers the 8 year old child who enjoyed writing poetry, his choice between college and the streets, life in prison and the way his gift made room for him.

When we first meet and judge people it is impossible to imagine the details of their journey. I first met Karima when I saw him perform at The Ness, a Thursday night event in the heart of Columbus, Ohio held at Zanzibar Brews Coffee House hosted weekly by the winner of The National Poet of the Year 2013 Award, Columbus’ own J.G. The Jugganaut. I was impressed then like I am now with Yarima’s vocabulary, his delivery, his level of consciousness and his transparency.

Like that coin with two sides, Yarima is a whole piece, but with two completely different stories which have two purposes, one dependent on the other – and just like the two sides of that coin, Yarima has proved that if given the opportunity, he will win no matter what side the coin lands on.

“My music reflects my struggle along with everyone else’s struggle.”

– Yarima Karama

Check out My Testament Vol. 1 By: Yarima Karama Album Release Party on 3/29/14 at Zanzibar Brews Coffee House & Lounge located at 740 East Long Street, Columbus, Ohio 43203. The Show kicks off at 9:30 p.m.

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