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(Editor’s Note: This Op-Ed was penned March 1, 2016)

Hear Me Out

258 days 20 hours 48 minutes and counting since Donald John Trump has announced his candidacy for President of the United States. You, probably like me, laughed once you heard about his announcement. Rightfully so, because never in a million years would you have thought that the great citizens of the United States of America would take Mr. Trump seriously, especially in the concrete demanding arena of American Politics. I’ll be the first to admit that I never expected Donald Trump to dominate the way he has thus far in the presidential race.

I’m a self-proclaimed “political junkie” so I have to get a daily fix from CNN, MSNBC or by reading Politico as well as other trusted news outlets, and for the last 258 days I’m sure I’ve heard and/or seen Donald Trump’s name in a national headline. Each time I am slightly haunted by the memory of myself laughing at Donald Trump announcing his candidacy. To help you better understand this feeling, step into my shoes; has your mind ever been branded with a scornful memory that at the time you didn’t expect to remember 258 days 20 hours and 48 minutes later?… No?  Well good because it’s traumatic. I literally remember where I was and what I was wearing at the exact moment when I heard Trump give his announcement speech. June 16th 2015, I was an overly motivated intern for one of the most well respected African American members of Congress on Capitol Hill, wearing a blue and white plad button down dress shirt, comfortable dress slacks, gray and blue polka dot socks with a clean pair of wingtip shoes (that I got at a discounted price) living the dream.

Donald Trump Stump

It’s Not Funny Anymore But It’s Real

258 days 20 hours 48 minutes later I’m not laughing anymore, I am puzzled and concerned if anything. I’m left asking, why is Trump dominating every poll and every other politician from the GOP establishment in this race? The answer is simple and quite frankly the only thing that I agree with what Donald Trump has said…”The American people are angry.” It’s not hard to understand that people are frustrated with the American government and politicians who are not really public servants, what is alarming is that the media is making it seem like this is a new phenomenon, which it’s not.

I am by no means in favor for Trump to be president for plenty of reasons one of which is because he has no substantial policies, the policies that has been proposed are building a gigantic wall and the ridding of Obamacare. However I am in complete awe about the rejuvenated spirit of the American people who are willingly involved and politically aware in the presidential political process. Think about this for a second, Donald Trump has either inspired hope or instituted fear amongst millions of people across the nation, regardless of the motivation people are tuned into this race, the debates, issues that are being discussed and the candidates.


This is the political system working like it’s supposed to

My inspiration for writing this op-ed stems from watching the Super Tuesday results unveil, where Trump easily won a number of states. He seems to be saying anything but yet still winning the votes, despite of the obvious frustration from the GOP leadership.  Earlier today Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan, subliminally mentioned Donald Trump in a press conference, saying that any candidate hoping to be the GOP’s presidential nominee needs to “reject” bigotry. There are reports that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, has laid out a plan that would have other Republican legislators break with Trump during the general election if he were to get the nomination.

Whether Democrat, Independent or Republican you have to admit that we are literally watching democracy at work. Every primary and caucus that has taken place up to this point of the race has presented the undeniable proof that your vote does matter and counts.  So what have I learned in 258 days 21 hours 11 minutes and counting? Is that Trump is defeating career politicians because people are listening, being educated on the candidates and their issues and showing up to the polls to vote to ensure their candidate wins.

The political system is working the way that it’s supposed to. Keep that in mind, because the election season is not over. Rock the votes. See you Tuesday, March 15.

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About Author

Camren J. Harris is a native of Columbus, Ohio and a recent graduate of Capital University where he received a bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Sociology. Camren has worked for the Ohio House of Representatives as a Minority Caucus Page and has recently interned on Capitol Hill as a Congressional Intern for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. Camren has organized voter registration drives and is actively engaging his community to ensure the people of Columbus are politically aware of their federal and local elected officials. His passion for public service does not end there, Camren will begin working within the Ohio General Assembly as a 2016 Legislative Service Commission Fellow.

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