U.S. and Russian Flags

Now before I get into my thoughts I just I want to ask this question.  Has anyone else felt a little uneasy about this ordeal in Russia?  So far we know about Ukraine’s uprising and the people of Ukraine exiling their former dictator.  Ukraine apparently is an ally of the United States.  We also know about Russia’s ties to this ousted dictator and the actions Russia has taken that threaten the people of the Ukraine.  We also know that there’s been tension between Russia and the U.S. for years.  Some things that happened surrounding the Winter Olympics in Sochi are evidence of that.  But here’s three things that had me thinking I need to pay more attention to this situation…

1)   The U. S. decided this week to pledge the amount of $1Billion dollars to Ukraine to help aide them in recovering and building the country back up.  I don’t know how you feel about global politics but this move shocked me.  Here we are again rushing to the aide of another country, putting ourselves in even more debt, and funding activities we cannot monitor closely.  A few million wouldn’t raise too many red flags but $1Billion dollars?  We could do so much for our own country with that money.  This also made me think, “ What kind of relationship do we have with Ukraine?”

2)   A few days ago Russia parked an armed Russian ship 200 miles off of the coast of Florida. The ship, which was later found out to be an armed spy ship, sailed in to the Cuban harbor.  This doesn’t usually raise any concerns because it is sometimes a routine occurrence and there is proper notification prior to the visit.  But in this instance there was no warning, no invitation, and no heads up.  But wait we’re not done.

3)   Today we heard the news that Russia test launched an intercontinental ballistic missile.  Now though this missile was not aimed at the U.S. or another other country for that matter.  The fact that it tested an “intercontinental” missile should be enough to get all of our attention.  This isn’t your typical government weapon.

Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize what’s going on in the world’s unstable climate. The U.S. has had many run-ins with other countries leadership such as Syria and Iran. But something inside me really believes that we need to focus on this country more.  I would think that after getting in the middle of so many fights, that along the way we would become the target.  Despite our military spend and all of the effort we put into war, the people of this country are not calling for this action.   We are still missing troops from both Afghanistan and Iraq. Let our people come home and rebuild what we’ve destroyed in our own backyard.  #IMJUST SAYING


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