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Reviewed by: Vida Michelle / [email protected]

“This, is the album I always wanted to make.” – Qamil

On November 4th 2014, singer/songwriter Qamil (pronounced Camille) releases her latest project, simply titled; “Wallflower.”

This album has more to offer than the soul filled music you will immediately hear; if you listen, you will find that Wallflower is a well written, well told story that strategically begins at the title. Around track #3, I thought back to it – Wallflower. The name of the album can also double as a clue. It sets up the melodic story which comes complete with content that is both mature and honest. As the music plays the story gets better and a little bit deeper.

In the dictionary the word Wallflower refers to someone who is shy, especially socially. But in the flower world, it is almost the opposite. A Wallflower is composed of bright colors; yellows, orange, shades of red, and it even blooms earlier than most other flowers in the spring. In regards to Wallflower, the album by: Qamil, both definitions are legitimate and prove to be true.


A passionate album from beginning to end; Wallflower transitions smoothly, keeping a steady flow from one song to the next. The interludes are strategically timed and give the listener time to enjoy the song, think about the story and marinate in the moment the music evokes.

With this project Qamil, who is also a published author, shows off her ability to tell a story and combines it with her talent for music. The songs all set the mood; with their well-balanced mellow sound and the sexy vibe Qamil has become so well known for, Wallflower is an easy listen.
The album lives up to the words definition. It is inviting and shy, and quickly bold when necessary. Qamil and her production team have done a good job putting together a project that is of good quality and in season.

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Wallflower Interlude- Jonathan “Kirk Diggler” Taylor
Against The World & Young, Restless & Free – Fatz On The Track
Beautiful & Rock Steady- That Nphamus
All others- Gameface

All songs written by Qamil


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