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“Monday I grind. Tuesday I grind. Wednesday I grind. Thursday I grind. Friday I grind. Saturday I grind. Sunday I grind.”

The above quote is just one of many great quotes by motivational speaker Eric “E.T.” Thomas. A man that overcame his personal struggle through hard work and perseverance and makes it his job to help and inspire others to do the same. The first time I heard the quote it hit me like nothing else E.T. has ever said hit me. I was at a place in mFullSizeRender (5)y life where I wanted more. Where I NEEDED more. 

I needed the world at my feet and I wasn’t willing to wait until I was 65 to begin living like I believe I should.

I’ve tried every kind of get-rich-quick scheme you can think of. Scratch-offs, card counting and dice control at the casino, Daily Fantasy Sports betting, and more. You name it I’ve done it. But you know what I haven’t tried? Working harder. Grinding to achieve my goals. Not waiting on a hand-out to change my life.

FullSizeRender (6)So that’s what I do now. I grind all seven days of the week. Because I’m tired of being a “have-not”. I’m tired of choosing between two necessities. Now I have multiple sources of income. I can take a trip if I want to take a trip. I can afford to dress how I want to dress. I love the feeling of having an expendable income. It feels even better because I know I’ve earned it. Success is earned. Prosperity is earned. Yes, one day I will have amassed enough money to where I won’t have work as much and still live the way I want to live, but until then the only thing to do is GRIND.

I used to laugh at the Everest College guy on the commercials telling viewers to get off the couch and do something with their lives, to go to college, and I must admit I still laugh. But he has a point. Here we are laying on the couch watching day time television waiting for someone to improve our situation, or waiting for the government to pay executive wages for entry level responsibility.

[pullquote]Success is earned. Prosperity is earned. Yes, one day I will have amassed enough money to where I won’t have work as much and still live the way I want to live, but until then the only thing to do is GRIND.[/pullquote]

Some people called me crazy for quite literally opting for “No days off.” Everyone is wired differently, but for me personally, I don’t need an entire 24-hour day to laze around because at some point during that day I am going to be sitting there bored out of my mind thinking, “I could be making money right now.”

The seven day grind embodies many more grinds outside of the spectrum of making money.

I have spoken with others who work at their craft and toward their goals everyday as well. A professional athlete friend of mine works out twice a day every day. He lives by the mantra that if you grind now then you will shine later, and that where I am in my life. I have no intention of working seven days a week forever, but right now as a means to ‘have my cake and eat it too’ this is the option I choose.

IMG_0414And to my surprise many others have chosen to opt for the “No days off” way of living outside of myself and athletes. A few coworkers haven’t had a off day in three weeks, and their reasoning for the grind vary based on individual needs and wants, but what we all have in common is a burning passion to achieve a goal or to change our current situations. So in closing, there is no deeper meaning to this piece, no hidden message. This is simply a shout out, an ode of sorts to those who do what needs to be done to get what they want out of life. So the next time you see someone out there grinding, don’t hesitate to salute the hustle.

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