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Few people know what it means to be unapologetically Columbus more than Hanif Willis Abdurraquib. The capital of Ohio is his favorite city in the world, and he does everything in his power to make sure everybody he knows, knows that. Now an accomplished writer, (he wrote the VMAs with the assistance of three others from MTV), essayist (police brutality in the New York Times and an ode to Trap Queen in the Seven Scribes) and author, Hanif knows the importance of words and wields them beautifully.

In his new book, The Crown Ain’t Worth Much, Hanif says he was creating the “Good Kid Maad City” of Columbus. In the semi-autobiographic book of poems, Hanif weaves stories and tales that take place around the streets of Columbus.

The hosts of the FlyPaper podcast sat down with Hanif last month to talk to him about his book, his work with MTV, the current state of hip hop, and Columbus in general. Check out the interview in full below on SoundCloud or download the podcast from iTunes or your favorite podcasting app. Just search “To The Drummer’s Beat”.

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