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I haven’t arrived yet. I continue to grind.

I asked Corey Favor who he was and he told me he’s still working on that. “I haven’t arrived (where I want to be at), so I continue to grind.” Still, his resume will tell you that there is a lot for him to tell you about. Corey is a native New Yorker, creator, and entrepreneur.  He has more than 10 years experience as a design specialist across several industries. He’s led creative teams at The Ohio State University Communications Department and department of athletics, as well as at Radio One Columbus. Arguably his most ambitious project started in October 2012, when he and his business partner Marshall Shorts created Creative Control Fest here in Columbus.

Creatives are Brave; They Put Their Ideas Into Action.

Creative Control Fest (CCF) is a grassroots con-fest (Conference+Festival) aimed at the mutual exchange of resources with creatives of color in the industries of art, design, activism, scholarship and entrepreneurship. Through showings, lectures, workshops and other events, CCF participants gain exposure, job referrals, networking opportunities, and other resources, as well as an important sense of belonging to the Midwest’s emerging creative class.

“Creativity is important. At it’s core it’s about problem solving and critical thinking,” says Corey. “Allowing you to see things from a different perspective.” There is an indiscriminate wave of creativity washing over the city and region, proving the need for such con-fests is sorely needed. “Creatives are brave; they put their ideas into action.”

“Creativity is just a fancy word for allowing yourself to explore, invent and innovate.”

Corey spoke to the obstacles that he faced choosing a career in creative work. There was no real, true support system and a distinct lack of diversity. Corey didn’t have any role models or any creative professionals that looked like him when he started the journey. Now that his hard work and God’s grace has gotten him to a point where he can open up doors for the next generation of creatives, he is trying to maximize the opportunity.

CCF’s creation stemmed from the lack of opportunities that Marshall and Corey saw in the marketplace for black creatives and other creatives of colors. They wanted to create a platform to share knowledge, network, and be inspired. Content is universal and should be appreciated by everyone.

“Creativity is just a fancy word for allowing yourself to explore, invent and innovate.”

The dates for this year’s event is Sept 9-10th. For more info please visit creativecontrolfest.com.


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