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Angels.Live.Forever: Always CNCT’d to Heaven

CNCT, formerly known as Connect; an independent streetwear brand who found it’s influence in pop and street culture. CNCT was birthed by creator and founder Remero Mason, with the help of his close friends Jordan Little (creative director) and Geniro Shepherd; all with an eye for creativity. In the spring of 2015, CNCT officially launched with the OG tee, a white and black contrast featuring the original plug logo and “Meet The Connect” tagline.

Under the name Connect, the brand went on to release many smaller collections expanding on the OG collection. With another tee in a black and white contrast, a hoodie, a worldwide skully and long sleeve, which sold fast, they kept the support system of friends and family wanting more. The collections to follow included a play on the Backwoods rolling paper logo, florals and rock n roll inspirations, ultimately showing the growth of the brand in design and visual aspects. These collections were accompanied by lookbooks shot and directed by Remero himself and featured some of his closest friends from different chapters of his life.

In 2017, with much planning followed by precise execution Remero and Jordan went on to rebrand Connect, starting with a name and logo change; CNCT Quality Goods Co. The logo a much sleeker capitalized script was much more fitting of the merchandise to be released. With a new instagram setup that captured the lookbook images as full photos and not broken down squares, CNCT released it’s traditional camo and pink camo tees and hoodies. The lookbook theme  featuring Remero’s close friends allowed  his Cleveland roots to meet his Columbus journey. The collection was in high demand with a pre-order for an upcoming restock, that sold out once again. With visible momentum, the brand wasted no time designing a holiday collection inspired by genuine life happiness, the Harlem Renaissance, motorsports and logo branded merchandise. The pair had done it again, the had a collection on their hands that was in high demand and left customers both new and old anticipating more.

CNCT, took a short break with Remero working endlessly in his career path as a visual merchandiser and Jordan working on various design and musical projects. During that time Remero’s mother Pamela Thomas, gained her wings. While the topic of his mother’s health and 15 year fight with dementia always remained a touchy subject for Remero, his best friend, brother and business partner Jordan found it to be the perfect opportunity to curate a release in memory of Remero’s mother; Angels.Live.Forever. The collection features a range of short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeves and hoodies all reminding it’s purchasers and wearers that those in our lives that leave their wordly body, find eternal peace and life in their spiritual body.

The collection was released on Mother’s Day at 7:19p, a day and digits both significant, with July 19th being Pamela Thomas’ birthday. The collection was initially released to all of the longtime  supporters who were subscribed to the CNCT website and will be available to the general public at a later date.


For all things CNCT, visit the the website and social media below.

CNCT Website

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July 19, 1952 – March 31, 2018


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