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Upon hearing ‘Out the Way’ by Columbus rapper Brady featuring Cromzz, I knew that both artists would become the focal point of the continuously growing rap scene in the city. Brady’s flow was straightforward upon the otherworldly production, and I was enthusiastic to hear what was next. On January 22nd, my hope was finally fulfilled.

The collaborative effort R&Brady between rapper Brady and producer AKA Treezy is a full-length return to R&B roots through beats and rhyme-play. The project is a transition from a usual mixtape with just rapping throughout, as Brady actually sings whilst still packing heavy wordplay. As Brady may be off-key with his vocal range at times, on ‘Switch’ it is him who says, “heart to hearts with anyone that makes incisions, stop thinking I’m afraid of criticisms.”

R&Brady is very reminiscent to Yes, Lawd! By NxWorries with thematic skits and some of the samples that are used, including ‘The Love You Give to Me’ by Webster Lewis, which was also used on ‘Get Bigger’ by NxWorries. This isn’t to say that AKA Treezy’s production is necessarily biting from Knxwledge, the production counterpart of Anderson. Paak of NxWorries, but it is clear who AKA Treezy’s influences are. At times, the skits can be overkill, as I would have enjoyed them being more spaced apart throughout the project. Along with sampling past grooves from the 80’s, the production on R&Brady also takes elements from the modern age, including ‘Mad’ by Solange and ‘Miracle’ by Ty Dolla $ign.

While I wanted to hear verses from Brady, R&Brady does make for a consistent endeavor between both him and AKA Treezy. The content is refreshing, as we do not hear to many rappers tap into their harmonious side, especially in the time of trap music.

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3.0Solid project. Good enough for you to hit play on. Might not be especially noteworthy, but enjoyable.
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