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#AsHeardBy Rachel Rene (@TheRachelRene), "UNTAXABLE" - Velly2Blunt$
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2 because, according to him, he had to steal his own swag before someone else did.

Cash, big pimpin,’ good herbs, repeat. That’s the name of the game with Velly, and his newest project is no different. You know what you’re getting when you vibe with Velly, but that’s what you’re there for, the wave and the ride.

Velly utilizes spacey synths—both melodically and sonically—paired with hard hitting drums that drive the project forward from track to track. There’s a consistent head nod listening to his beat choices, despite each being melodically distinct. Velly knows he’s setting a mood, and it’s clear he has an understanding of what sounds will do just that.

“I don’t need some credit, I need that in cash.” – “PRPS JEANS”

What’s the mood? Get money, live big. The focal point of each song and, therefore, the project is his focus on working hard for his cash and using it to live the life he wants to live. This often includes big spending. With Velly, you’ve seen him out at events and you’ve likely seen him on the bill for shows. The work ethic and drive you hear in the music is pleasantly matched visibly in the city for you to see in this artist.

Living fast is part of the lifestyle, and it reflects in his flow. There is no time or room for breaks, the point being utilize all space and time available. In between the waves, he speaks on the types of people and situations he encounters along the road to success.

“Exotic Dabs”

This highlight track features Txmmy and is, in this writer’s opinion, a track that highlights the best of Velly. Velly can take the spaciest beat and ground it in his driving flow, while he paints a picture of big living and the victory that comes with hard work. It’s a great example of how great Velly’s features frequently are. It’s always enjoyable to hear who he chooses to work with and the artist always makes sense, adding to the track and never feeling like an afterthought. What’s the point? Big, everything. Even the dabs, already one of the most potent concentrations, are exotic. Everything is meant to be superior in every way.

“You not living like we do, you running out of luck” – “NIKE TECH”

If you’ve been listening to Velly, you know he loves Nike Tech Suits. “All Night” featuring Taco Vel off of Season 2 includes the line, “Nike Tech suit on me.” This anthem will have you chanting, “20’s getting caught in Tech zipper, I ain’t trippin’ though.”

The point is pretty clear, Velly is here to swag out and stunt on everyone. Again using his driving flow, he pairs that with his bass-heavy voice to declare his intentions to live big pimpin’, spend money and get rich to create an anthem that continues to build its energy ’til the very end.

“How I’m living, still spending.” – “EXOTIC DAB$”

Velly is confident in himself, the swag is clearly there. With no fear and every intent of working hard to make everything he envisions for his future come true, Velly is ready to face anyone or anything. This drive for progress and to make his situation increasingly better is reflected in everything from the lyrics to the flow itself. Velly’s low voice is both authoritative and declarative, yet he never has to yell to get your attention.

And every track is ready for you to mob out to it. The energy throughout the whole project stays right there, keeping you on edge and bobbing your head through percussion and flow. But it really starts to pick up and build even more the second half of the project.

Listen to UNTAXABLE below.

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